DefDef: 5G Is A Threat to National Security (and Health)

Earth Intelligence, IO Impotency, Military

We have learned nothing in 50 years. And military-industrial corruption continues to force dangerous electromagnetic offerings on us all.

The military is scrambling to understand the aviation crash risk from a new 5G sale

ROBERT STEELE: A a military intelligence professional as well as a cvilian intelligence professional I have known for a long time that Soviet and Chinese electromagnetic emissions control standards were 100 times more rigorous than our own. In Afghanistan I watched all of our systems including drones interfere with one another (and also watched the  Taliban down-loading our drone images for their own use). The lack of intelligence and integrity across our military leadership at the acquisition level — as well as the strategic and theater or operational levels of foresight, is moving toward catastrophic. 5G does not just interfere with systems — it is radiating humans to the point that entire ship’s companies are coming down with radiation sickness, which manifests as the flu.  That is the hidden aspect of the fake pandemic.

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