J. C. Cole: Gray Swans – December 2020 — Civil War?

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American Gray Swans – December 2020

The approaching Civil War!

So now we have another approaching predicted Gray Swan possibly landing in America – a Civil War. I am not sure if anyone has thought this out, but because of the fragility of our existing supply chain if we go to a Civil War even the food and energy producing states will be cut off from needed supplies. A Civil War would be the kiss of death for America, which might be why somebody is trying hard to start one.

If America goes to a Civil War – Cui Bono? Well that is pretty easy to figure out it is not America. At the moment a stunningly high amount of stress is being placed on individual Americans to the point of snapping. Virtually every conceivable way to divide us is happening while being financially crushed and emotionally tortured. If we are to continue to exist as a nation, as a people, and possibly as a species we must come together and unite. We must find a common cause to unite us, and once found we must defend it from being hijacked. One common cause is the creation of Food Security.

Food Security values every human that supports the country. It is not prejudiced. It does not care what your politics, religion, race, nor creed is. Those against Food Security are our enemies.

Hal Turner – US Civil War – Who controls Food & Fuel

Linked above is a recent Hal Turner article that clearly calls out issues related to the Supply Chain and a possible Civil War.

The number 1 way to control people is by controlling their food supply. So in order to unite “We the People” we must control our food production. There is only one way to do it. That is to have an extremely strong and healthy Food Grid controlled locally by the private sector.

I have written extensively on the guaranteed collapse of our existing supply chain (Just In Time Delivery system) in its present positioning, and also the solutions if we do not want a famine. There are at least 13 events I call the American Gray Swans that will cause the supply chain to collapse. You can read about them here – A Quick Review.

A Civil War is one event that could cause a Supply Chain collapse and I had called this out years ago in articles. Now we see a Civil War a dangerously approaching possibility. We must avoid this as in my opinion it is exactly what our enemies want. Our greatest strength is when we are united, which might be why we call ourselves the United States.

Another of the 13 Events, a Pandemic, has already been proven to disrupt the supply chain by fear and government edict. Whatever you believe about Covid-19, it clearly is affecting the supply chain and may even be a Beta Test. When a truly deadly Pandemic hits America the supply chain will collapse and then we get to deal with both the Pandemic and a Famine (because we have no Food Security) along with a series of other dominoes falling breaking more of our systems. In this case I estimate the combined death toll of about 40% to 60% of America. And that is what our enemies want.

And recently a possible 3rd Event was warned (threatened) by none other than the Grand Poobah of the Davos Chapter of the Global Elitist Club – Herr Klaus Schwab. He advised a “Major Cyber Attack” would occur. Potential Cyber Pandemic. Which crystal Looking Glass is Herr Schwab using? If a major cyber attack shutdowns the electricity grid for a year the estimated death toll is up to 90% of Americans. We don’t die from a lack of electricity, we die from a lack of food and water and this can happen because we do not have Food Security.

And before I could finish this American Gray Swan report it looks like a Cyber Pandemic has started. Cyber Pandemic has Begun!

A possible 4th Event would be the collapse of the Credit Markets and may be caused by a “Global Financial Reset”  recently recommended by none other than Big Al Gore (self-proclaimed inventor of the Internet and defender of polar bears) and his UN puppet masters. The Great Reset. Somehow I think it resets all the money and assets into their pockets (surprise, surprise). If the credit markets collapse then the supply chain stops, and again we die from lack of food and water. Why – because we have no Food Security.

A 5th Event of a “World Famine of Biblical Proportions” is being touted by none other than the United Nations. UN Warning. Gee, do you think creating Food Security might be important? Or should we wait till the gun fights for food begin?

Here is Christian from the Ice Age Farmer clearly laying out the evidence of a Global Food collapse. Food Shortages in Sight. Now put on your face masks and oxygen starve your brain more while ignoring the evidence.

A possible additional Event that I missed in the Gray Swans is a Totalitarian Government Agency control of Food. None other than that champion of human bondage “The Rockefeller Institute” put forward in a white paper Reset the Table. In it is a recommendation “because of Covid-19” that a “Department of Home Land Food Security” be formed to control all food in the country. Are we going to be required through a X-ray Scanner entering the grocery store to confiscate our mini Swiss Army knife in case some crazed domestic terrorist takes the produce aisle captive? Or is it a more devious plan where the long standing agenda of the Rockefellers to RFID chip the world population would be required to handle/buy food from “Farm to Table” and prove you had taken the vaccine? Here is Aaron Russo’s (now dead) testimony on the Rockefellers and their RFID Chip.

In a modified version of the famous statement President Clinton made “It is the Supply Chain Stupid”. It is guaranteed to collapse and nobody is doing anything about it. We have had 9 months of a manipulated virus clearly exposing the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the blood flow (the supply chain) of our country and not one talking head, politician, or military brass have suggested a solution to it’s collapse.

The bottom line is real simple. There is a war between Good and Evil going on for the assets of Earth. This includes a war on food as we humans need to eat to live. “Control food and you control the people”. What a surprise that we have no Food Security in America. An additional surprise is there is nobody responsible to create and maintain Food Security in our country. Dumb and Dumber!

As it is a National Security issue (because it will be the end of our nation), than by default the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) would be responsible. That is were another problem arises. The JCS are military experts and to create Food Security is a Business Solution. Let me politely say – business is not their forte.

The solution is simple, and any clever business person who has had experience with a supply chain collapse will be able to create it. By coincidence I had 18 years experience dealing with the largest supply chain collapse during our lifetime – the collapse of the Soviet Union. That identifies an additional  problem/solutions dilemma, virtually zero (0) American business people have experience dealing with a supply chain collapse. Great – no expertise! A bunch of Ivy League educated monkeys who spent their whole life inside a fish bowl of Kool-Aid.

Fortunately we may have a saving grace. Our President is a businessman, and a quite good one at that. Whether you like President Trump or not, he is our best possibility to avoid a “pre-positioned” famine. Yes, we are pre-positioned for a famine. Doubt that, than simply turn off the electricity and see what happens. Or take down the GPS satellites and see what happens. Unfortunately none of his business advisors have ever been through a supply chain collapse. How can you identify and protect against a danger if you have never experienced it?

On a “pre-positioned” famine. Most Americans can not comprehend this, and discard it as one of my banker friends calls gibberish. Of course these were the same Americans that said the supply chain could and would never collapse. Many of these self-claimed astute business geniuses went around for a week or two with crusty underwear when the toilet paper shortage happened. American politicians and business leaders have never experienced any true hardship so how can they advise or make educated decisions on threats they never experienced?

How many Americans alive have actually experienced war? Only a small percentage of our military have, but how many Americans experienced war as a civilian? Basically none. Read Selco Bagovic’s books on his experience during the Bosnia War. And somebody wants to start a Civil War?

How many Americans alive actually experienced a real banking crash? (Not one backed up by a fake insurance company.) Or a currency collapse? Or a currency exchange? I did, and more than one.

How many Americans alive actually experienced the collapse of an empire? The collapse of the policing authority? The collapse of the energy supply? I did.

How many Americans actually experienced the collapse of a continent’s supply chain? I did. It doesn't matter how much money you have or which currency it is – when there is no food nor fuel – there is nothing to buy. And how many Americans experienced that?

We are being advised and led by people with no experience to what is happening. “It is the Supply Chain Stupid”

It is now beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are Entities working to collapse America (lack of more graphic words we call them Globalists). The fastest, easiest, and most successful way to collapse America is to collapse our supply chain. And that is exactly what we are seeing. How can we have 50 sovereign states when virtually none have food independence? ie no Food Security.

To protect America, there are critical main actions needed to be taken. Paramount among them is to create Food Security. This creates alternative micro regional supply chains. It is the corner stone of our survival both as a country and a species.

To all the American billionaires & multi millionaires – you won't be wealthy for long if/when the country collapses. Actually, you most likely will be dead because a lot of people with guns will blame you. And for those of you innocent of the crimes, well you are just collateral damage like an Obama wedding drone strike. Let us be real clear, depending on what Event occurs there will be up to a 90% loss of life in America. You are included.

Returning to America to defend my country I became an innovative farmer/real-estate developer and I have spent over a decade designing a system of how America could quickly and efficiently reestablish Food Security and in the peoples control. We can get the majority of the country into a much safer Food Security position in less than 1 year. We can even get a good percentage safe within 3 months. It does not mean our global supply chain will not collapse. It means we won’t have a famine if/when it does.

The prototype EMP proof sustainable farm design to create fast & efficient Food Security needs funding. If you are a wealthy individual and believe Food Security is important for your family and country then contact me. Especially do if you live in NYC or Long Island because when the supply chain collapses you will be the first collateral damage of the famine. 16 million people living on islands with extremely limited exits and virtually no food production is not very smart.

In my opinion, time is of the essence for a solution. With the effects of the fake pandemic and the deliberate financial destruction of the middle class threatening their ability to purchase food we are one flash point away from a Civil War. This is compounded by the election fraud. Hal Turner verifies that. When we have Food Security the main catalyst for collapse and famine will be removed. The 1% wealthy must step up to help solve this.

In closing, let me summarize our situation in one simple 4 word equation.

No Food = No America

J.C. Cole
American Heritage Farms

Our Heritage as Americans is our farms. Wake up!


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