Mongoose: Did SOF Just Take Down CIA Dominion Servers in Nice, France? And Also Give Macron a Procupine Enema?

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L’antenne niçoise de la CIA

English translation below the fold.

An internet user was able to film four Marine V22 Osprey assault convertibles parked for 6 hours near the tarmak at Nice civilian airport, this Sunday, December 6, 2020.

It displays between 2:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

The videos he shows show refueling their tanks before returning to the US fleet stationed in the Mediterranean.


The color of these convertibles, anthracite gray (furtive paint), leaves no room for doubt. These are Special Forces Navy Seals present today in a low-key fashion.

These US Navy V22 Osprey convertibles landed discreetly at Nice airport yesterday from 11 am to 8:30 pm (average operation time).

This is an unofficial operation.

In an official context, they should have landed in a military base, in Toulon for example, and not in a civilian airport in Nice.

Usually, these elite units move when President Trump moves abroad or as part of terrorist operations or related to terrorism abroad or during special operations on American territory like that. the case on November 18, 2017 during the raid against CIA headquarters in Langley or during the raid of Area 51 and the nine hangars of S4 in PapooseLake on February 28, 2017.

We know that US President Donald Trump is not on the move.

Nor are they maneuvers in joint exercises with European forces. Indeed, due to the Covid and until the end of February, the NATO maneuvers were all canceled. And yet the American armed forces are there.

What then is the reason for their presence?

These elite units came to take hard drives (CIA civilian mass storage hubs) as well as treacherous officers from a secret CIA station in Nice. Indeed, this station distorted the votes in the USA with the software “Dominion”.

You are no longer unaware that France is involved in the coup attempt to overturn the US election in favor of Joe Biden as Trump won the election overwhelmingly, which the Supreme Court will soon rule.

The assault on the CIA antenna in Nice was carried out by combat swimmers from the Toulon base who then handed over their prisoners and captured equipment to the Navy Seals. One of the videos shows a cart discreetly transporting the boxes of the recovered computer servers.

This clandestine CIA station in Nice (for the black operations of the Deep State) also distorted the votes of the presidential and legislative elections of 2017 in France to transform the victory of Marine Le Pen (with 63% of the votes) into a victory of Macron who had not even passed the first round (with his 11% of the vote). It was imperative in their plans that Macron be in power to speed up the process of destroying France.

The presence of four convertibles (each V22 can carry between 25 to 30 commandos) shows that this is a major operation. The American convertibles are there to secure the operation of the French special forces who stormed and handed over the seized material to the Seals.

This is a joint operation between the COS (command of special operations ’) of the French army and the JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command’, the US COS).

Even if you will not learn these things until March 2021, you have here one of the first clues showing that the French army has started to eliminate the criminals who stole power from the French in 2017, that is – that is to say Macron and his clique.

Are you beginning to understand that liberation is underway?

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