Robert Steele: 250M On Strike in India — Is Deep State TOAST?

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Modi is known  to be under the control of the Zionists and the Deep State globalists. Whether he is being bribed, blackmailed, or extorted is not known. He appears to be wrecking India. Below is important for two reasons: because it is happening and because it spells the end of the Deep State. They cannot overcome populist protest at this scale.

People's World: 250 million Indian workers and farmers strike, breaking world record

Jacobin: “This Is a Revolution, Sir”

Democracy Now: Indian Farmers Lead Historic Strike & Protests Against Narendra Modi, Neoliberalism & Inequality

Martin Armstrong is speaking to a looming food crisis. I and J C Cole have been warning about this for over a year. There are no signs that the Trump Administration is actively monitoring or remediating this potential crisis.

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