Robert Steele: Five Levels of Play in 5D Chess

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

5D Chess — what are the five levels being played?

I believe the following five levels of play are all active right now, and President Trump is one of the few to understand all five levels and also be to playing all five levels.  I believe that President Vladimir Putin and General Secretary Xi Jinping are also playing all five levels, in harmoney with DJT.

LEVEL 5: Cosmic stellar civilizations and the epic battle of good (God) versus evil (Satan)

  • From Europe to Newtown CT to “Wonderland” under NYC, this is a cosmic war

LEVEL 4: Scalar warfare – energetics, gravitobiology, remote electromagnetic effects

  • Example: Russia starting fires on Chinese and US amphibious ships, remotely

LEVEL 3: Cultural warfare inclusive of mass propaganda, media lies, and mind-control

  • Example: all institutions are programmed against freedom and truth

LEVEL 2: Economic re-set, cyber-war

  • Example: NESARA/GESARA, quadrillions not just trillions, CN-RU-US in synch

LEVEL 1: Mundane daily bullshit the media focuses on – theatrics for dummies

  • Example: all the made up crap about deaths from COVID-19

From The Steele Report, shared with public to encourage Great Awakening.

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