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We have finalized our Alpha group and are talking to investors about Beta.  Below is the outline for the interview I will be doing with Martin Geddes later this morning. I invite anyone believing they should be in the Beta group to submit to me their text responses to these questions in a manner that shows added value apart from what Alpha group already knows.  Alpha members are listed at the end. Feel free to work through them, we plan to organize this the way Torvalds did.

As created by Martin Geddes for an interview with Robert David Steele

Caveats — not a complete vision, leaves out quantum tech and everything in black budget projects. Based on 30 years of personal experience, including working for Oracle, Sprint, and running the Hypervoice Consortium, as well as being on advisory board for EU research projects.

What kind of Internet do we have?

– Still essentially first generation of packet networking
– Botch from 1970s military industrial power plays
– Very primitive; think steam trains vs maglev
– Weak science and engineering foundations

Why do we need a better kind of Internet?

– Locked into a control paradigm that is unconsciously psychopathic
– Comes from 1970s data processing heritage; “everything is an RDMBS record”
– But we are moving from a hypertext world to a hypersense one (augmented reality, sensors everywhere, IoT, medical devices, surveillance)
– Voice (and voice privacy) plus social media (and censorship) are merely harbingers of a much worse problem. Intimate biosensed data is the next wave of computing. PARADIGM CHANGE — ethical and practical

How does this change our vision for the future?

– Transhumanism is an existential threat; AI and “smartness” to enslave humanity; loss of control over out identity (e.g. vaccine chips, enslaved avatars)
– Superhumanism is needed as alternative vision; nurture paradigm — adaptogens, biomimicry. Give humans superpowers of empathy, compassion, conscience; draws from groups like disabled or gamers.
– Replace AI with IA — identity augmentation
– Puts the human back at the centre of our vision; not just peripherals to be data harvested for AI
– Solve this for the hypersense world and you get the hypertext and hypermessaging (i.e. social media) for free

What does it require to deliver superhumanism?

– Self-sovereign identity; control over data
– The “Guardian Avatar” as the browser for a new “hypersense” world beyond the hypertext Web
– Automates low-level choices, protects our personal interest; a model of “me” that I own and control

How does it work technically?

– New enabling architecture (Recursive Internet) — “Windows” instead of “MS-DOS”; solves basic computer science problem
– Packets as cardboard boxes, this is the shipping container
– Also radically reduces complexity — national security issue
– New enabling science and mathematics (∆Q algebra as ; quality transport agreements) — unit of supply and demand!
– Redo of the regulatory environment (“says what it does, does what it says”) — “not neutrality”
– Rethink of copyright as “reward right”; game theory the problem instead of current blunt instrument.

– Double-entry data keeping; accounting system, “fungus” to make data decay and liability disappear

How to achieve this?

– Open source everything — transparency over secrecy, trust over surveillance, identity protection over identity harvesting
– Post Big-Tech world; new people, platforms, products
– Biggest tech opportunity in history is hyperwellbeing; avoids the “pits” of suffering and go over the “peaks” of joyful experience.

Alpha Group

  1. Arnold, Stephen E. US Arnold IT
  2. Bauwens, Michel BE Peer to Peer
  3. Geddes, Martin UK Independent  Engineer
  4. Harry, Sydette US Annenberg Innovation
  5. Mitchell, Shireen US DigitalSisters, TechMediaSwirl
  6. Petersen, John US Arlington Institute
  7. Steele, Robert David US Open Source Everything, Inc.
  8. Takemiya, Makoto JP Soramitsu (Blockchain)
  9. Vahey, Ray US Bitchute (Video)
  10. Vervaecke, Steven BE Independent Engineer
  11. Weibe, Kirk US Pretty Good Knowledge
  12. Young, Kaliya US “Identity Woman”

It is our fundamental premise that we are walking away from all existing clouds, codes, and copyrights.

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