Video (1:13:31) Buffalo Horn guy from Capitol Riot reveals as Military Special Ops Updated Alert Reader Comment with Links

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Phi Beta Iota: Provocative in a most positive manner. Alert reader notes below.

He says he's a super-soldier connected to USN with high-level access, incl. to Pres. Trump, authorized by “the chain of command”  to “come forward and tell you everything” (at: 1:02hrs).

What he says aligns perfectly with what you've been saying from the get-go re: Space Force having a priority to work around blockages per Pres. Trump ordering Section 181 releases in Jan. 2017 and, more generally, aiding “full disclosure” priorities. The video begins with him talking about…anti-gravity, room temperature super-conductors and ZPE patents published by the USN, which you – more than anyone else in the world, probably – helped bring attention to.

The link above to a page not allow full-screen viewing but links to the patents mentioned. If you want to link to this video directly on Bitchute, click here.

As optional reading, my notes follow. Would be great if Bitchute had speech-to-text transcripts – huge potential time-saving and sharing aid – but God bless them for the great job they're doing handling the Youtube Exodus. I'll send them another donation today and keep encouraging others to do likewise.

Final thought I had, after watching this video, was the gratitude I feel toward you and the handful of others I'm forwarding this message to per your roles in helping to awaken and motivate the kind of powerful movement the Buffalo Guy now represents. It really was the leading 3D grassroots level truth-and-justice projects that was the spark that lit the flame now proceeding hasta la victoria (:

Video notes –

After spending the first few minutes emphasizing the importance of talking to others about revolutionary free energy and anti-gravity tech being disclosed and the role of Space Force – as positive topics that won't freak people out while moving toward full disclosure – he digresses into other topics then returns to those the aforementioned themes at 10 minutes.

Excerpt on topics just mentioned, “Talk about the Space Force, talk about free energy, talk about the ability to take tours of the solar system and completely transform our society based off this technology and not be at the whim of the petro-dollar controlled by 1% of the population.” “Talk about the fact that Pres. Trump just changed the economic structure of our country from one of owing the Federal Reserve money every year to now being merged with the Treasury Department, and we're now seizing all the assets of the Rothschilds.” “This is the plan. This is how we move society forward. The gold-based currency, the free energy, the anti-gravity craft. This is the future. This is what we talk about.”

Continued excerpt, “Your family's not going to want to hear the truth, you guys, at least not about children being abducted, not about politicians and celebrities being brainwashed adreno-chrome drinkers or whatever. Not about the idea of deep underground military bases being destroyed…but they're going to want to hear about the future. Because, all that other stuff makes them feel vulnerable in a not-good way.” “We're moving toward full disclosure. That is the goal here.” “What the Q side has done is that they've left bread crumbs that lead toward a full disclosure event, okay?”

At 16 minutes, he shifts gears to talk about “Q vs. the Cabal” and “dual aspects of the M-I Complex” (ie: STS vs STO). Recommend the 16-20 minute segment per a Great Reveal for the many still sleepy among us re: what “the Buffalo Horn Guy” is really all about. Alongside other segments, could be real powerful toward helping people come to terms with the depth of MSM disinfo.

At 25min, talks about COVID and how Q network Project Looking Glass tech helped leverage that plan (toward possibilities for a “great reset of the good kind”). At 28min, talks about the Cabal master plan. At 30 min, talks about “mind-control frequency emitted from phones.” At 35 min, talks about 5D chess involved per Q and a full disclosure movement to “push this evil force off our planet.” Says, “Blackmail holds all of these people together, evil holds all of these people together. It's a battle of truth over lies.”

He mentions multiple times the terms “ascension,” “abundance” and “mass awakening.” Says arrests related to the sealed indictments processes are ongoing.  At 1:04hrs. says military tribunals at Gitmo are underway with more to come.

Ends with, “We can change the socio-political and economic system in this country and in the world forever, forever.” “We believe in the Constitution of the USA. We believe in the people's ability to govern themselves. We believe in God, we believe in truth, we believe in justice, we believe in freedom. We will not sit back and watch as the world goes to hell in a hand basket.”

Alert Reader Update:

After being so excited about the presentation of his information I searched a little and discovered that it's worth questioning his authority to claim that he's a super soldier and working with Navy.

His name and that he's an actor is documented and he presented the same information, same attire outside in Arizona after their election and he isn't hiding his name or how to find him. So, despite an article that said he was an actor and terrorist…I can confirm that his info matches all that I've learned from Q in 3.5 yrs.

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Here is 1 article and the REDDIT interview in Az.

And I found this person when listening to Kerry Cassidy today, and she mentioned that she was going to have Buffalo Man on her show soon. You can find this same video posted on her site.

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