Wayne Jett: Globalist Election Thieves Are Now The Hunted

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Globalist Election Thieves Are Now The Hunted

For those who may think Trump has been defeated – has even conceded defeat – in the U. S. presidential election of November 3, 2020, neither assertion is true.  President Trump and his family departed the White House after the counting of electoral votes on January 6-7 and have been in secure military facilities since that time, except for his recent visit to the wall along the southern border.

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The duly elected president still in office continues to have the support of military forces and will put down the insurrection successfully. Then the re-elected Donald J. Trump will be sworn into office as president for a second term based upon comprehensive proof of his re-election, the defeated scheme to steal the election with fraudulent ballots, and electronic flipping of votes from Trump to Biden. That is expected to occur on January 20 at the White House. Do not despair. Be hopeful.

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