Eric Zuesse: Catholic Sexual Pathologies and War Against Women

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The basic message in my CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS was the opening sentence of the Introduction, on page 25: “Methodology is even more important than findings, because it determines the findings.” Everybody ignores it. But any authentic scientist, in any field, practices it constantly in that field. I practice it in everything that I write about. To me, it is the cardinal principle.

By the way, you might find of interest the following, which I discovered just today:

Catholic Sexual Pathology and the Western Mind: The Ancient Era, Vol. 1 New Edition
8 December 2020, by Michael Stephen Patton, $100+, 0 reviews
Search inside is good.
Catholic Sexual Pathology and the Western Mind
The Ancient Era, Vol. 1
Michael Stephen Patton
Catholic Sexual Pathology and the Western Mind: The Ancient Era, Vol. 1 documents with historical and clinical data the correlation between Catholic sexual orthodoxy and Catholic sexual pathology. The Roman church government replaced the sex positive Hebrew Tradition, which integrated the love of women and sex in Judaism with a sex negative Christian Tradition, which integrated the hatred of women and sex in church doctrine. Jesus followed the sex positive holistic Hebrew Tradition rather than the sex negative dualistic Christian Tradition. Across 2000 years of Christian tradition Catholic sex negative doctrines, morals, laws and practices enforced by an authoritarian rather than democratic Roman church system allegedly caused mass human suffering and damage in both the Catholic Mind and the Western Mind. Using a multidisciplinary methodology the book traces a faulty sexual anthropology historically and culturally rooted in various pagan Greek, Roman and Persian sexual dualisms, which became Catholic sexual orthodoxy and which became a terminal cancer in both the Catholic Mind and the Western Mind. The book, while using extensive resources and annotated endnotes, is an interdisciplinary intellectual exercise, which examines Catholic sexual pathology through the lens of history, theology, philosophy, law, medicine, sexology, psychology, psychiatry, sociology and anthropology, while using the scientific method.The book represents a pioneer effort across a 50 year span to examine the review of literature and to empirically document the mass human suffering and damage caused by Catholic sexual orthodoxy in both the Catholic Mind and the Western Mind.

1 Catholic Sexual Pathology: An Undocumented Phenomenon

The story of the development of Christianity has been painfully marked by a growing chasm which separates body from soul, emotions from intellect, pleasure from procreation, women from men and sex from God just as evil is separated from good. This nemesis of sexual dualisms is one of the most significant and fateful developments in the history of western civilization. An anthropological tilt has resulted in Christianity’s evolution into a sex negative religion. For the past two thousand years male religious leaders adopted, elaborated and promoted a religion of erotophobia, a religion of misogynism, a religion of sex negative Stoic doctrine, a religion of sex negative Platonic doctrine and a religion of sex negative Manichean doctrine, all of which condemned human sexual pleasure even in the context of a blessed monogamous marriage. Because so many Christians have suffered crippling fear, guilt, shame and anxiety from this devastating, inhumane and anti-Christian poisoning of Eros, a radical renewal of the union between sexuality and spirituality is absolutely essential for the health of the human race. The Catholic Church is the oldest and most powerful monolithic institution in western civilization. As the largest organized religion in the world the Catholic Church has had a profound cultural impact on the human development ←1 | 2→of billions of human beings, which include Catholics and non-Catholics across twenty centuries. The largest influence of the Catholic Church may have been on the human sexual beliefs, human sexual attitudes and human sexual behaviors of Catholics.


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