Georgi Alexandrov Stankov: How Mario Draghi Destroyed Italy & Good News

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How Mario Draghi Destroyed Italy

A Financial Psychogram of the Politician as Chief Criminal

Georgi’s Good News:

Italy, not the USA, may be the first break-out. A lot depends on Trump at CPAC doing mass revelations.  Regardless, there will almost certainly be an interdimensional shift next month.

Georgi’s caution:

As you know, we are only dealing with energetic probabilities and constantly creating new timelines of human destiny, that is why any fixed forecast is impossible and all those who claim that, are simply ignorant. Therefore, stay attuned on all eventualities but not fixated on any specific outcome as not to experience the same fiasco as Simon Parkes & Co are now experiencing and have to back peddle in a clueless manner.

Robert’s comment: I retail full faith in President Trump, Mike Flynn and others, including Juan O. Savin (P) with whom I community every couple of days. Juan has repeatedly cautioned me against using dates certain, and has explicitly talked about dueling super-computers, move and counter-move. Jim Turner believes there is a third (Chinese) super-computer throwing curve balls.  There may be a Russian-Iranian scalar warfare gravitobiology axis as well. All far beyond my understanding, other than to believe that stellar civiliizations both good and evil exist and we are now in a final battle for human control of earth, ending our status as a slave population and ascending to a higher role with cosmic trade but not cosmic slavery as the central feature of Earth 4.0.

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