J. C. Cole: Food Shortages Will Be Worse

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Expect The Upcoming Food Shortages To Be Much Worse Than Previously Reported And Prepare For ‘In Vitro' Meats To Become The Staple Of American Diets As Largest U.S. Farmland Owner, Bill Gates, Wants Americans To Only Eat ‘Synthetic Beef'

  • 100% synthetic beef?
  • and what happens if it is synthesized using human blood?
  • The same Satanic Blood lines addicted to adrenochrome,
  • are the same ones pushing the Covid-19 scam,
  • are the same ones pushing a toxic experimental injection to modify our DNA,
  • are the same ones shutting down our food supply chain,
  • are the same ones pushing for a Global Financial Reset,
  • are that same ones pushing Synthetic Meat.
  • Coincidence?
  • Do we have a dormant cannibal gene that they are trying to awaken?

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