Mongoose: Election 2020 Fraud, The China Card & The Primary US Domestic Traitors

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Alert Reader writes in:

Millie Weaver's entire documentary about what really happened and how, including leaked videos of all the preparations by Proud Boys and Antifa, heavily financed by multinationals.

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And her extensive investigation, from months before, including documents and leaked videos of the months-long preparations, the fact that the rioters knew long ahead of time which states would commit election fraud and how, and under-cover whistleblowers while the psyop was being planned.  This is explosive and if she knew  all of it ahead of time, the likelihood that Trump and the patriots also did is extremely high.

Weaver's investigative work is outstanding.  Was Trump really “set up” or did he allow everything to unravel as part of his plans?

PSYOP The Steal (

Lastly, Thierry Meyssan's take on WHY Trump had to be taken down.  Again, remarkable analysis, including the roles played by Such people as Bezos, Fainstein, Walmarts and other.  Interestingly, which corporations made the most money from the lockdowns and the destruction of small businesses? Which politicians enriched themselves the most in the past 12 months? It is all there.

Biden and the exploitation of the Chinese workforce, by Thierry Meyssan (

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