John Petersen: Integrated Timeline for Future USA

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence

In the below document I bring together predictions from Joni Patry, Cliff High, Martin Armstrong, Penny Kelly though 2025.

EXCEL:  Inegrated Timeline from Arlington Institute

Phi Beta Iota: 2021 Quarters 1-4 full text below.

Integrated Timeline©Arlington Institute 2021
Joni PatryInauguration – whoever becomes President will not finish termApril 5, big change financially around the world.July/Aug, fuel prices go up.
Biden’s chart,  life force energy drained.June eclipse (May – July) setbacks and delays.
Feb 22 -April 13 (March) MONUMENTAL changes (March 26, something BIG)
Feb 22 – April 13, something huge happening in Trump’s chart.
12th house secret enemies.
Something BIG happening re. exposing media.
Clif HighFeb 24 – Mar 25:  “Crying/complaining” session kicking off economic problems — leading to global inflation FAST. Problems with Govt. being able to pay.Within 6-8 weeks, inflation outstrips ability to payUFO info release in summer.
Feb 24 – Mar 25:  Very large, transforming change; Fundamentally effecting system; destruction of the past; collapse of institutions; beginning of transformation into a new future
Spring: Transition to “future orientation”
within 3 months ongoing bribes outstriped.
March / Spring – space storm, brings down satellites, no launches for two years; space industry hard hit
Beginning of Ice Age
Coming into a global depression
To Nov 21: Continuing Secrets Revealed
March beginning of the exposure of the MSM, big pharma and the vaxxx victims. There is momentum w/the big MSM push to vaxxx. It will take a number of months to get this effort to stop. The attacks on MSM accelerate this  process.
Martin ArmstrongHigh in the US dollar may produce a temporary high in the DJIA (US share markets).Civil unrest—August ’21 important date.
Feb ’21 may be high with volatility through the remainder of the year as the price declines.
Weather gets colder not warmer.
More earthquakes.
Unemployment goes up.
Lots of chaos – convergence of many things at the same time
Penny KellyCourt decision by The Hague declares Dutch Govt. must lift the pandemic curfewPeople are “hitting the wall” and at the end of their patience with the situation.Biden? Can’t find him.
Texas continues to march toward secession; other states thinking along the same lines.Obvious anger in many, a sense of betrayal across the country.Price of gas and oil goes up again.
People continue to travel by car and plane, and from state to state in spite of talk about restrictions.Financial crisis appears; a big bank is insolvent.Price of food up, store shelves skimpy in some places, empty in others.
 Democracy looks more and more like a puppet show due to use of clonesA feeling of frozen anger/panic spreads. Nothing moves. It’s as if people are frozen in shock. Many hard questions being asked. No easy answers.People demonstrating & protesting in some places.
Freedoms disappearing, one at a timeThis is followed by a general sense of floundering and panicky actions, especially by those in the middle, upper-middle, and upper classes.General sense of anxiety, mostly because people do not believe anything or anyone.
Fights over water, but not clear if this is drinking water or big bodies of water.Good things happening in the background, but people don’t know this. They feel they have nothing to hang onto.
Price of gas and oil goes up.Scrambling around cryptocurrencies, people trying to get on board, learn to use these.Across the greater population there is a general sense of deep depression and recognition that nothing will ever be the same as it used to be. Very dark outlook. People feel broken.
Price of food goes up.ApplePay and GooglePay adopt cryptos.Only a few paying attention to government.
Big earthquake or two along the west coast.Severe storms across center of U.S. People without electricity.Big projects being planned…very big. Not public yet. Includes housing, roads, rail.
People leaving the cities and coasts, moving to rural inland locations.U.S. passports not honored in some countries, which hobbles attempts by the wealthier to leave the country.People are still coming together and are making their own rules.
More talk of travel restrictions; less availability to travel.Local groups forming around the country.Many houses abandoned, some for financial reasons, others because the owners have decided the house is “unlivable” meaning it is not set up to heat, cool, cook, or work the way life is organized now, and still others because they are looking for like-minded people and states.
Some people do not file taxes because they disagree with the government.Some announcements about UFOs/ETs are attempts to distract.
Masks lifting, places opening as officials try to ease the anger a bit.
Wildcard played? Difficult to see this, but it had something to do with money and government.
There is a developing timeline that offers something a little different, but I could not see the specific spark that caused this to open. Possibility for timeline split begins to appear here (end of second quarter)! The white wall…??
General sense of shock or surprise.Delayed reaction, grieving about what has happened over the past 4 years.
A bit of ease returning to life in general. Anxiety lessens slowly.Discussions and plans for new kind of governance network.
Price of gas and oil up.Arguments over punishment for those who “cannot be trusted” with power.
Price of food up, but this is because of an emphasis on paying people who grew the food what it really takes to produce it. More interest in locally grown food. Big projects being planned…very big, not public yet, includes transport, housing, roads, rail, energy grid, others.
 Some sort of financial change taking place. Cryptocurrencies? Something else?Airlines closing down as interest in rail travel and space travel goes up.
People cheering the collapse of the dollar!Some people unable to transition to having enough; they still struggle for power in the form of gangs, extortion, etc.
Political confusion caused by the dollar demise.People going beyond government thinking and limitations. Many laws changing, being modified.
Severe storms across the country spark conversations about sustainable food and shelter.Mushrooming interest in new technologies.
Local groups forming around the country.Many people needing help, support, education, encouragement.
 Schools open but not many returning to them. Self-education is just beginning its long climb to “normal.”
Announcements about UFOs/ETs create conversations around what would be needed to meet, learn from them, bring the planet together, etc.
 Worries about China and getting accurate information.

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