Robert Steele: My Conclusions on the Collapse of Texas

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Part I: It was geo-engineered weather warfare strike intended to severely degrade the state’s ability to lead a secessionist movement as well as a demand by 20 states for the overturning of the fraudulent election.

Part II: Texas — not uniquely — has been grotesquely irresponsible about building cheap housing without proper insulation — and vulnerable energy and water systems that are not properly insulated or maintained.

Part III: Texas — not uniquely — has ove-rinvested in “green energy” whose “true cost” is that the energy, such as windmills, “freezes” and that energy is no longer available.

Part IV: Governor Abbot lost his intelligence and integrity in failing to power up Texas against the “pollution control” mandates of the Department of Energy, and failing to protect consumers from outrageous electrical bills that were a direct result of Texas executive and legislative crimes against their own citizens.

See Especially:

Why Was Texas So Vulnerable To The Recent Freeze? Greed & short-sightedness

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