#UNRIG Video (1:10:26) TRUTHER IN MEMORIAM: Phil Schneider on Satanic Empire, DUMBs & Depopulation

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence
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His 1995 presentation told everything. 6 months later, he was dead under strange circumstances never investigated, as he knew and said would happen.

Many people did not believe the official version of JFK assassination.  They still don't believe it but… it was long ago and they always learned that: “What you don't know cannot affect you: God protects you. Go about your business.”
We had to wait until 1998 to hear about any of it, when home computers became widespread and videos of official presentations became accessible, and we were warned by people such as Phil Schneider, who spoke about all of it in 1995: underground bases miles deep, non-human entities, adrenochrome (did you know that word in 1995?), humans kept as slaves and food source for non-human humanoids, black budgets, governments seized, compromised and captive, and everything else we now know or, at the very least, get a feel for.  
It was just too horrible then to even fathom.  Even 911 was not conceivable when it happened (and still isn't for many)!  But so much has happened since, the luxury and comfort of ignorance have been taken away from all of us.  Humanity is in a truth boot-camp not of its choosing, at a moment not of its choosing either.  As though God (nature, consciousness, evolution) decided: “They were told in many words and by many messengers for thousands of years and they resisted for as long as they could, for fear of having to face truth and take a stand.  Now is the time to kick their crutches and force them to stand on their own two feet and face reality.  Otherwise, we'll have to start them from scratch again and we've already played that movie over and over.  Besides, as long as they refuse to learn and know, they keep destroying everything around them.  They are weary and tiring… We want to see what more they are capable of !”   
Phil Schneider told us.  It was too hard to hear then but it's all there.  He spelled it out, loud and clear, in 1995.

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