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This is my “prior art” statement on CountyCoin and CountyWeb. Anyone seeking to trademark these terms will find themselves dealing with my lawyers.

This is also a foundational public statement for my private discussion of my plans and intentions in The Steele Report for Monday, 8 March 2021.

We are going to Make America Great one Constitutional County Community at a time.

General Statement:

Federal, state, and local abuses of power and overeach inclusive of tortious interference with Amish farmers, local shop keepers and others has been out of control for a long time.  In combination with the reality that local minds and hearts are vastly superior in bottom-up rule making and rule-enforcement,

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the time has come to cut the balls off the federal and state governments, while also disciplining local commissioners and supervisors who appear to be too subject to being bribed, blackmailed, or brainwashed to do things that are against the public interest.  Here in Fairfax County, Virginia I hold the Fairfax Board of Supervisors in scorn and disdain for their desecration of Confederate war memorials; their imposition of unConstitutional gun control in nature reserves where bears have been documented in the past year; and their advancing the transgender deviant agenda in public schools, to include onerous measures against our heroic teachers who object to these unChristian and unConstitutional use of taxpayer dollars to create more deviants — children should not be taught to be perverts, or to make decisions about sex change operations before  they come of age and against their parents God-given roles as mentors for their own children.

The path forward is clear: CountyCoin and CountyWeb (which includes country education, county intelligence aka decision-support, and county research, COMBINED with Constitutional Sheriffs (, Constitutional Pastors, Constitutional Lawyers, Constitutional Doctors, Constitutional Engineers, Constitutional Farmers, and more.

Here and now I will speak to CountyCoin and CountyWeb, both of which insulate the County from irresponsible and criminal if not treasonous misbehavior by local, state, and federal officials and agencies.

Community Currencies

The concept of community currencies is well established.

Wikipedia / Local Currency

In economics, a local currency is a currency that can be spent in a particular geographical locality at participating organisations. A regional currency is a form of local currency encompassing a larger geographical area, while a community currency might be local or be used for exchange within an online community. A local currency acts as a complementary currency to a national currency, rather than replacing it, and aims to encourage spending within a local community, especially with locally owned businesses.[2] Such currencies may not be backed by a national government nor be legal tender. About 300 complementary currencies, including local currencies, are listed in the Complementary Currency Resource Center worldwide database.

Wikipedia / List of community currencies in the United States

Models or Alternative Terms:

Community currencies are not the same as a barter system or the use of the hawala or hewala trust-based exchange network.


My vision for CountyCoin has four parts:

a) Both physical script and cyber, with the ledgers and cyber reconciliation protected locally on CountyWeb.  ZERO vulnerability to the collapse of federal currency, world economy, or cyber-manipulation at BitCoin or elsewhere.

b) County Coin APPRECIATES when spent locally, is NEUTRAL when spent in adjacent counties, and DEPRECIATES when spent externally.

c) Anyone seeking to interfere with CountyCoin will be arrested by the Constitutional Sheriff and served with a NO TRESPASS lifetime ban from the County issued by a Constitutional Magistrate. There will be one deputized armed veteran with arrest authority in every neighborhood, and a county wide EMS mobilization network that can put 1,000 armed deputized veterans anywhere in the county within the hour. Any federal or state “mandates” can be negated by county-wide vote backed up by armed deputized veterans.

d) Absentee landlords will be offered fair price in federal dollars and all lands reinstated as county lands controlled by the county citizen resident public at large; priority will be given to reinstating family farms and family / villager manufacturing as well as pocket neighbordhoods with multi-generational housing and single-income families with one stay at home parent.  No one, anywhere outside the county, tells county what to do with its land. Also planned is a return of most of the land now controlled by the federal government, to the states/counties, and the creation of thousands of new villages surrounded by family farms west of the Mississippi. Free energy and unlimited desalinated water (and an end to weather warfare) will lead to a huge increase in prosperity across the country.

Web 3.0, Open Source Everything, World Brain

I will not spend a lot of time on this section because I have created three new websites that are in the process of being both structured and loaded with content, and will grow exponentially over the next few years.

Penny Kelly and I — as well as others — are coming together on our respective visions for an ecology that integrates web-based learning and credentialing with real-world group learning and apprenticeships (trades in high school, professions in college) as well as a complete make-over that honors the below concept for holistic education:

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We are also focusing on teaching Open Source Everything — 27 domains including Open Source Energy, Open Source Water, and Open Source Food — and on creating a World Brain that provides all information to all minds in all languages and all mediums all the time, free.

Click on Image to Enlarge

The World Brain ecology will look something along these lines, with the revenue paths as shown.

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

My own vision is here:  I have formed a Web 3.0 informal steering group that will expand rapidly, and am in the process of contracting for global intelligence officers for each of the elements of the below holistic world analytic model.

Click on Image to Enlarge

As soon as Penny Kelly sends along her vision statement I will share it.


CountyWeb is conceptualized as a combination of dark fiber, Bluetooth non-harmful low energy that has a much greater range than most realize, along with a physical county server network, including a county “hotel” for shared cyber-assets. Individuals will store their own data and have encrypted data-at-rest reciprocal back-up arrangements.

CountyWeb will not require any form of connection to any cloud or any data center or any proprietary software or hardware — it will all be open source.

Web 3.0 will enable multiple paths bypassing ICANN for connecting with others around the world. All forms of top-down centralized control — and all chokepoints now controlled  by the Deep State — will be bypassed. It will not be possible to censor or deplatform any individual at the county level absent a COUNTY court order — court orders from outside the county must be validated by the Constitutional Sheriff in partnership with the Constitutional Magistrate, or declared null and void within the county.


We are tearing down the fences, both physical and digital, built by the Deep State to fence and control both the physical and digital commons.

Localization, back up by armed veterans deputized by Constitutional Sheriffs reinforced by Constitutional Pastors, Constitutional Lawyers, and others, is the way forward. Globalization — the wet dream of the scum-sucking Satanic sacks of shit that have destroyed what was once heaven on earth — is over.

I hope you find this vision as exciting as I do; I dedicate the balance of my life to helping others achieve this vision, one county, one parish, one borough, one district at a time.

Semper Fidelis,
Robert David Steele

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