J. C. Cole: Dead Russians, Khazarian Jews, & the US “Glass House”

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American Gray Swans – April 2021 #3

“Dead Russians

So who killed more Russians than anybody else? It was the Communist Bolshevik Khazarians. This is the bloodline hiding behind being Jewish.

Rarely does anybody ask who killed the most Russians? And further, why does it matter? After all most Americans think we won WW II. Nope, not even close, but we did helped win the war.

Well it matters a lot as the Russians know who did kill their people, and as tensions in Ukraine are coming to a boiling point related to it maybe we should educate ourselves. If NATO is stupid enough to go to war with Russia the entire world will erupt in flames.

I remind everybody that all it takes is 1 cyber-attack, or 1 high atmospheric nuke, or 1 tsunami torpedo, or 1 real pandemic and our American supply chain is shut down and 98% of Americans go without food for a long time creating a famine. For the Europeans all that is needed is to take out the port of Rotterdam and Europe has a famine. This is not the case for either Russia nor China. We Americans are the ones living in the proverbial “Electric” glass house and it seems our political morons are throwing stones.

So who killed more Russians than anybody else? It was the Communist Bolshevik Khazarians. This is the bloodline hiding behind being Jewish. During the Soviet period it is estimated that approximately 60 million Soviets (maybe up to 100 million) where killed by this regime, the vast majority of those killed being Russians.

Let us recall Lenin was a Khazarian Jew, Trotsky was a Khazarian Jew, Dzerzhinsky was a Khazarian Jew, Marx was a Khazarian Jew, and it is believed by many that Stalin was a Khazarian Jew. President Putin has clearly said the first Soviet Government was 90% (Khazarian) Jew. The Bolshevik Revolution was funded by the Rothschilds (Khazarian bloodline) and some New York Bankers of the Khazarian bloodline. The order to execute the Czars family is attributed to one NY Banker of the Khazarian bloodline. The Bolshevik Revolution caused ninety years of hell for the Russians and others that lived under the Soviet system. You would think they might be a bit angry.

Let us not confuse the corrupt satanic leaders of the Khazarian Bloodline with the religion of Judaism. There are many fine honest Jews from Russia. The upper level Khazarian leaders are a cult that follow the Black Cube. If you search you will find it. This is the worship of Saturn. The Greeks would call it Cronus – the eater of children. ie child sacrifice.

Doubt this is accurate, then why do some Rabbis have a Black Cube tied to their head over the pineal gland (3rd eye)? Why does the former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak (and friend of pedophile and human trafficker Jeffery Epstein (Khazarian)) have close ties with a company named the Black Cube (link)?

The next greatest killer of Russians were the Nazis. During WW II an estimated 20 million to 30 million Soviets where killed, the vast majority of those killed being Russians. The Battle of Stalingrad alone it was estimated that 9 million where killed.

Now if we look at who controls Hollywood, the Federal Reserve, the majority on NY Banks, the 6 corporations controlling 90% of Main Stream Media, and of course the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) we will find the Khazarian bloodline. How is it the the CFR setup by Rockefeller (Khazarian) and run by Kissinger (Khazarian) is 65% Khazarian bloodline (link) when it only makes up approximately 2% of the population?

And if we look at the dark side of the CIA we will find the Nazis. Prescott Bush (father of George Bush Sr.) was convicted of Trading with the Enemy by the United States Government and had his assets seized when it was proven he funded Hitler and the Nazis during WW II. George Bush Sr. (link) was the CIA desk officer for Dallas TX when JFK was shot, but could not remember where he was that day. I was 7 years old and remember it vividly like virtually all Americans alive at that time except Bush Sr..

Bush Sr. later became Ambassador to China. You know that rather large country where American manufacturing jobs were off-shored to. Bush Sr. became head of the CFR. You know, that think tank mentioned above that advises the US Government and infiltrated all administrations. Bush Sr. became the head of the CIA. You know that 3 letter agency that was never approved by Congress and had imported into America thousands of Nazis under Operation Paper Clip (link) ran by Allen Dulles relocating them throughout American industry. Allen Dulles later became the head of the CIA and was fired in 1961 by JFK after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion (link). In 1963 JFK signed an EO pulling the CIA out of Vietnam and a few weeks later our President Kennedy was assassinated. And in the infinite wisdom of LBJ (the man who gained the most from Kennedy’s assassination) Allen Dulles was hired to run the Warren Commission’s investigation (cover up) who did the JFK assassination. The man who ran a clandestine spy agency fired by JFK investigates who killed JFK is hired by the man who replaces JFK as President. That sounds like a Conspiracy Theory …. but they don’t exist. How do we know that, because the CIA told us so. Nope, no conspiracy here.

Bush Sr. became Vice President to President Reagan and would have become President except the assassination “reportedly” attempted by Hinkly Jr (son of Bush Sr.’s business associate John Hinkly Sr. in oil (link)) failed. Yes, the Bush Family and the Hinkly family where friends. Coincidence? Bush Sr. reportedly controlled the White House for the following 30+ years under the puppets Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama. Here is a good article by Joachim Hagopian on Bush Sr. explaining a lot (link). (a side note – purchase Hagopian’s 5 books that explain more – Pedophilia & Empire:Satan, Sodomy, and The Deep State)

Recall that Bush Sr. is the poster boy for the New World Order. A world controlled under the United Nations, a Rothschild (Khazarian) creation.

Let us not leave out the Neocons, a majority of which are Khazarian bloodline. I won’t go into much on this with exception that Victoria Nulan (Khazarian), as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs brags about funding Ukraine with $5 Billion of US money (link) that caused the overthrow of the Ukraine Government starting the civil war. And here is Vicky saying F..k the EU (Brown must be quite the finishing school).

Let us not ignore that her husband Robert Kagan (Khazarian) was the co-author of the famous document the “Project for a New American Century (PNAC)” which called for a “New Pearl Harbor”. Coincidently a few months later, 911 happened and we now have 20 years of war and death. And it is believed by many that the Bush Cabal (Nazis) and the Israeli Mossad (Khazarians) did it. Coincidence? I am sure that is just a Conspiracy Theory as we all know that Arab Terrorists that failed a Cessna test can fly 2 Boeing 767s without any practice into 3 buildings.

The battle between the Russians and the Khazarians goes back thousands of years and of course   territory is involved like Ukraine. But surprisingly enough it seems to be hard to find information on the Khazarian Empire almost like it was scrubbed from the history books. Oh look, the present President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Khazarian), just signed an Executive Order for the Ukrainian Army to “take back” Crimea (link). So it actually looks like the Nazis and Khazarians have joined together to start WW III with Russia and are using Ukraine as the flash point. Do you think Vlad may know this? If war starts in Ukraine and NATO joins in do not be surprised if maybe New York, DC, London, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Rome, and Brussels get incinerated for humanity to survive.

Answer me this – why are American sons and daughters going to be put in harms way over Ukraine? It is 5,000 miles away, has no National Security value, and is corrupt to the bone with the exception of the transparent Hunter Biden-Burisma deal. The people are an ethic mix of Ukrainian, Russian, and other Soviet nationalities. It is a mess left over from the Bolshevik Soviet (Khazarian) system. And part of the Ukrainian Army are Nazis and it seems the US and NATO are supporting them (link). Why are we getting in the middle of a battle between Ukraine and Russia?

Putin has an international treaty with Ukraine for the Russian Navy Port at Sevastopol (link) just like the United States has an agreement over Guantanamo with Cuba.

Further, historically Crimea was Russian territory for 300 years. The majority of the people living in Crimea are ethnic Russian. And they voted to leave. The only people claiming the vote was rigged are Khazarian-Nazis and Democrats (like they should talk on transparent elections). Why? They want to start WW III with Russia as they are Satanists.

Nazis are followers of the Swastika. i.e. the Black Sun or Dark Star, better known as Saturn.

Isn’t that interesting. National Socialists (Nazis) and Bolshevik Communists (Khazarians) both worship Saturn – Cronus – pedophilia and child sacrifice. They are both Satanists. That does explain a lot. Looks like a battle between Good and Evil.

So there you have it. Two of the major forces in America and behind NATO are Satanists and killed more Russians than anybody else. Gee, I wonder why Putin does not trust the West. I wonder why he said “Your leaders are mutants” and “You can form your New World Order any way you want but nobody is going to tell Russia what to do”. And I wonder why he got pissed off when our Zionist Alzheimer Patient in the White House called him a “killer”. Biden is a self proclaimed Zionist – here are his own words (link , link). Somehow I think paybacks are a bitch.

Not often mentioned in todays news is Edgar Casey. Many educated Americans know Casey as the most famous American clairvoyant. Edgar had over 14,000 documented correct readings. I would say that is just a tad more than both you and I and the morons running the world have. In a few readings Casey said “The hope for humanity rests with the Russians”. He said that in the 1940’s when Russia was controlled by the Soviet Khazarians who were the global bad boys.

Notice Casey did not say the hope for humanity rests with the Republicans, nor Democrats, nor Americans, nor NATO, nor Nazis, nor Khazarians. He said “The Russians”. I guess that would make sense why Satanists are attacking Russia. The Satanists are anti-human.

And don’t call me an anti-Semite for pointing this out. First, Khazarians are not Semites. Do a DNA test and find it out yourself. Second, here is the former Israeli Defense Minister saying using the term “Antisemitic” is a trick used if someone criticizes Israel (link). Third, study WW II past the Rothschild propaganda story and you will find out that the Khazarian leadership (Rothschilds) threw the innocent Jews under the bus. Rothschild funded Hitler.

Read Jim Marrs book “Rise of the Forth Reich”. It explains a lot. Best to do it before open war begins. The Nazis never surrendered for WW II, the German Army did. It is a big difference. The Nazis escaped and went clandestine. Investigate the 1947 “Operation High Jump” led by Admiral Bird.

There was also a phenomenal book written back in 1959 by Viktor Frankl called “ Man's Search for Meaning “. Frankel was a German Jew educated as a psychiatrist that experienced both Dachau and  Auschwitz and survived. My father was a pilot during the war and flew the 3rd relief plane into Dachau. As a mischievous young boy I often got into his war chest and saw his war photo album. These are things a 10 year old should never see. He also had security clearance and delivered Göring, Jodl, von Rippentrop, Kesselring, Donitz and other top Nazis to the Nuremberg Trials. Many of the lessons Frankel learned were put into his book. One of the lessons is that this must never ever happen again. That is one reason for the Nuremberg Code.The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential”.

The Covid Toxic mix is an “experimental” injection being “voluntarily” forced on humanity. Who in history has been famous for experimental injections? Who were masters of propaganda? Who ended up placed throughout US industry? Who controls the pharmaceutical companies?

If the “Jab” is deadly then the 60% of Israelis that have taken it may soon not be around. It seems Netanyahu wants to make it 81% (link). Some Israelis are waking up and have filed a “Crimes Against Humanity” lawsuit (link) claiming a Medical Holocaust is happening. Think about it. Guess what – Frankel’s nightmare –  it seems to be happening again! “History may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme” – Mark Twain.

The Khazarian-Nazis are starting a war in Ukraine against Russia and somehow I think Putin will not allow the greatest killers of his people to escape this time. If NATO with American support gets involved in the “Ukraine – Russia” fight, then expect our key infrastructure to be fair game to be taken out. That means “Lights Out”.

Very clearly, we have no Food Security in America. In our present positioning if we go to war with a major country our supply chain can be collapsed in an instant. And it looks like this was setup by design by the Khazarian-Nazis that infiltrated our government. It benefits the Globalists to destroy America and that would be a very large Satanic sacrifice. This can be done by starting a war as a False Flag on behalf of America. Do you see any attempts?

The solution to have Food Security is to create a massive amount of EMP proof small locally owned sustainable farms throughout America. We have the technology. We have the financial means. What we don’t have is the military nor political will. This should give us an indication of who runs our government and our military. Coincidence?

No Food = No America

J.C. Cole

American Heritage Farms



Our Heritage as Americans is our farms. Wake up!

All of my writings have patriotically been stored by Robert David Steele here American Gray Swans.

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