Jeff Rense: Creepy Joe Biden Just Got A Lot Creepier – Has He Been Nano’d Up?

Cultural Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence
Jeff Rense

Creepy Joe Biden Just Got A Lot Creepier

Just a few months ago China Joe presented as a doddering, old, hunched over drooling moron  with blatant onset of dementia and/or Alzheimers which often prevented him from stringing a simple sentence together even while reading from his teleprompter.
His mental deterioration was so bad he was kept in a basement and dozens of video compilations of his demented brain public speaking failures were all over the net. Further, his brazen public pedophilic smelling,  sniffing and touching of little children – horrible and legendary – has been largely scrubbed from  the net by big tech. So, how is he now able to stand up straight up like an ex athlete and speaks perfectly clearly, even showing a new unsettling anger, arrogance and rage? No, it’s not a clone, it’s the same body. Creeper Joe may now be Nano Joe…more Borg than Biden… and in this article you will see a viable explanation for his ‘miracle recovery’…

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