Steve Walsh: Fifth Amendment Right of Presentment — People’s Grand Juries Against Government Officials

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Dear Robert;

On your interview with Sharnael Wolverton and Sacha Stone, you said at 8:15 on the tape, “This is a great country and we have allowed pieces of crap to run it into the ground.”

You must UNDERSTAND THIS: James Madison wrote the word “presentment” into the first clause of the Fifth Amendment. Progressive statute wrote it out in 1946. I discovered it in 2015 and wrote an expose about it and how to correct it.

I cited 23 U.S. Supreme Court cases, 21 legal review articles, created 35 graphics for clarity, included over 150 bibliographic entries, and it was written for the average American, to tell this story. I have re-written history. I even had to go into ancient history to justify man even has a right to live free. I found the #1 most inalienable right of the ancient Germanic tribes who were a deliberating people under Lawspeakers and voted by a show of arms. Because of these customs, their kings never ruled by arbitrary  or absolute power. Arminius ended the northern advance of the Roman Empire at the Battle of Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD, to protect their independence. These tribes became the Anglo, Saxons and Norse who migrated to England and developed common law. We should know this story.

Madison got the word “presentment” of the grand jury from the 1776 North Carolina Constitution. Its author, Richard Caswell, got it from the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina penned by John Locke under the direction of Lord Anthony Ashley, the most powerful man in England next to King Charles II, in 1669.

“Presentment” was the permission, the right and duty, the apparatus, of the resident citizens to inquire after abuse in all of the body of government. This was what was removed in 1946. That is how “pieces of crap” came to run it and could never be expelled.

Presentment must be restored to the federal grand jury. “Presentment” power must become a household phrase.

It was this legal aspect of the grand jury that the Founding Patriots took their liberty from the British, with. How could anyone think we could restore ours without it?


S.L. Walsh


Project Free the Grand Jury


Fifth Amendment Right of Presentment: The People's Missing Right to Question Government by Direct Inquisition; Terminated by Tactical Fiat 1946

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“Making ‘Presentment Power’ a household phrase.”


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