Ascension Christianity by Veðrfölnir and Robert David Steele (Foreword)

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Veðrfölnir and Robert David Steele (Foreword, Appendix B), Ascension Christianity (Earth Intelligence Network, 2020).

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Dedicated to Donald J. Trump, Q, David Ray Griffin, Will Durant, and John Caputo, this manifesto from a patriot who desires to remain anonymous was donated to Earth Intelligence Network. Robert David Steele was invited to write the Foreword, which explains exactly what is happening with the coronavirus, how we are at a new beginning marked by the defeat of Satanic attacks against the emergent Christian centers of Wuhan, Qom, and Milan, and how Donald J. Trump is indeed a chosen one, as are we one and all.

In the main body the anonymous author outlines nothing less than a manifesto for the final stage of Christianity that is a return to its original state as emboided by Jesus.

NOTE: Banned in print but mysteriously appearing in Kindle without explanation.  We will continue to offer this free online.

Amazon Kindle: Ascension Christianity – #22 in Christian Process Theology