Graphic: Whole of Government Intelligence

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Somebody somewhere has to do this, and do it with over 90 nations, all NGOs, and global reach into all academic and private sector organizations desiring to share information and do multilateral sense-making.


2009 DoD OSINT Leadership and Staff Briefings

2009: Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Trilogy

Search: The Future of OSINT [is M4IS2-Multinational]

Search: Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

Search: rescue network patches

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This is the Earth Rescue Network from the Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3 Public Charity, as provided to the U.S. Army Civil Affairs Brigade and others during the information discussions about the need for a global multinational rescue force (changed to network to avoid the military connotation.  Worn centered on a gray beret with both sides stapled down (i.e. not military style to one side), it symbolizes the commitment to peace (including the stilletto for the inevitable individuals that need to be killed, but with one man – one hit precision).

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Survey of beret colors supporting the selection of gray.

Journal: ClimateGate–“The Trick” Explained

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Phi Beta Iota: Please do read the entire original.  Below are only the original fraudulent chart from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and the blow-up exposing the fraud–the green line ends at 1960 and the IPCC asks you to believe that it continues upwards but hidden by the other lines.
IPCC 2001
IPCC 2001
Green Line Ends
Green Line Ends

Graphic: Robert Steele Adopts Buckminster Fuller

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Steele Adoption of Fuller
Steele Adoption of Fuller

The pure integral consciiousness of Buckminster Fuller is finally coming into its own as sustainable design, natural capitalism, zero waste, and many other ideas that reflect INTEGRITY as the essence of life, all converge.  Buckminster Fuller is to re-engineering the earth as Will Durant is to re-thinking philosophy.

Graphic: Epoch B Swarm Leadership

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Epock B Swarm Leadership
Epock B Swarm Leadership

This was created by Robert Steele in the 1990’s when it became apparent that top-down secrecy-based government was completely unsuited to reality and the needs for public consensus decision-making taking the long-view as advocated by Steward Brand.

The conceptualization of this chart was indirectly influenced by the works of Kirkpatrick Sale and by the Native American concept of “seventh generation” decision-making–making every decision with a profound appreciation for its implications on the seventh generation out (roughly 230 years out at the time).

Epoch B is a phrase used by someone specific that we cannot run down right now.

Graphic: Earth Intelligence Network Seal [Updated]

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The logo consists of the Whole Earth within a Rescue Cross, with four symbols: the bowl for food and water; the quill pen for education and communication; the shovel for construction and development; and the stilleto for the inevitable rogues that need to be killed one at a time.  On a white field are found the legal name of the non-profit, and our public purpose: creating a prosperous world at peace. We do this, in an expansion of Buckminster Fuller’s practice, by enabling hybrid governance through ethical evidence-based decision-support in the context of transparent, truthful networks of trust.

The outermost border summarizes our two innovative methods for which we are the foremost proponents in the world: Open Source Everything (the only technical solution that is affordable, inter-operable, and scalable) and Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing and Sense-Making (M4IS2, the only human solution that assures holistic analytics and a grasp of true cost economics).

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Original Seal Below the Line

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Graphic: Medard Gabel’s Cost of Peace versus War

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Medard Gabel
Medard Gabel

Medard Gabel, #2 to Buckminster Fuller in creating the analog World Game, is the creator of the EarthGame, trademarked in his name and the foundation for the Earth Intelligence Network vision of creating a World Brain that allows for 24/7 panarshy–all minds, all information, all the time.  Visit Medard at his logo on the left.  Read his high-level summary of how inexpensively he can create the EarthGame at Frog right.