Review: JFK-911 – 50 Years of Deep State by Laurent Guynot — Important Because It TERMINATES the Presidential Campaign of Michael Bloomberg, Zionist Sayonim, Who Covered Up the Zionist Execution of 9/11

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Laurent Guyenot

6 Stars – Perhaps the best of the 9/11 books, the concluding chapter buries Bloomberg, Greenberg, Chertoff, and other Zionist traitors

9/11 was my wake-up call, and turned me from an intelligence reform activist to an electoral reform activist. Then the Zionists took down #UNRIG, with a Zionist sympathizer leading a global defamation campaign comprised of three principals and over 400 documents cyber-stalkers (itself a federal felony) and that converted me into a passionate defender of America First against Zionist subverversion that includes over 50 “strikes” that by my calculation started only with the USS Liberty, easily justify the expulsion from the USA of all individuals who place Israel First, starting with Michael Bloomberg, Les Wexner, and Michael Chertoff.

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Veteran’s Today: (YouTube 3:04:47) 9/11 Truth Seattle Presents Barbara Honegger

9-11 Online Video, YouTube

veterans todayBarbara Honegger's presentation titled “Behind the Smoke Curtain” in Seattle's Town Hall Theater, January 12, 2013, on what happened and what didn't happen at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.


Phi Beta Iota: A text overview, “9-11 for Novices,” by Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramball, is a helpful introduction to this very long video. This video has been validated by the various leaders of the major 9/11 truth movements.

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Emmanuel Charles McCarthy: Tenth Anniversary of War by Deceit

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Emmanuel Charles McCarthy
Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

Tenth Anniversary of War by Deceit

Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

Center for Christian Nonviolence

Each one deceives the other, no one speaks the truth. They have accustomed their tongues to lying… A murderous arrow is their tongue. It speaks deceitfully; with his mouth each speaks peace to his neighbor, but in his heart he lays an ambush for him … Jeremiah 9: 4, 7

“When virtually all major authority-bearing and communications institutions in a society act in concert to sell a well-packaged web of lies to that society, the
truth will seem absurd. Those who point out that the laws of logic, science, and mathematics—as well as eyewitness testimony—utterly contradict the conclusions drawn by the deceivers will be subject to whatever form of demeaning and/or silencing that is required to maintain the “big lie.”

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The underlying assumption of these deceivers is that a lie told often enough, on a large-enough stage, in fact becomes the truth. However, it does not
become the truth.“

“All human beings desire to know, and truth is the proper object of that desire. While each must be respected in his or her search for truth, there exists a primordial moral obligation to seek the truth and to adhere to it once found. People cannot be genuinely indifferent to the question of whether what they know is true or not. One may define the human being as the one who seeks truth. The thirst for truth is so deeply rooted in the human heart that to be obliged to ignore it would cast existence into jeopardy.” -John Paul II

We have come to an unprecedented moment in time. Thanks to the capabilities of contemporary mass media and the deceitfulness of those who control their content, over the next several days more lies will be told to more people more often than arguably during any other period in the history of the world. The pandemic of deceit—on which the current economic and political rulers of the United States depend for the public political validation they need if they are to keep their hands on the controlling levers of the nation's operations of organized violence, e.g., military, police, FBI, TSA, IRS, CIA, etc.—will reach a crescendo on the days leading up to September 11, 2011, as an unparalleled propaganda blitz is orchestrated in order to nail down unquestioning acceptance of the US Government’s shabby explanation of the events of 911.

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Worth a Look: Book The Big Bamboozle (9/11) and Video Over Murder of Author Pilot Philip Marshall

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From the perspective of a Boeing 767 captain and former “special activities” contract pilot, Philip Marshall straps the reader into the cockpits of hijacked commercial airliners to tell the story of the most sophisticated terrorist attack in history. Based on a comprehensive ten-year study into the murders of his fellow pilots on 9/11, he explains how hijackers, novice pilots at the controls of massive guided missiles, were able to beat United States Air Force fighters to iconic targets with advanced maneuvering, daring speeds and a kamikaze finish. But, as Marshall explains, the tactical plan was so precise that it rules out car-bombers and shoe-bombers known as al Qaeda, KSM and Osama bin Laden. So then, who was it? That's what you are about learn. Backed by official NTSB, FAA and black box recordings, Marshall finds the most capable and most documented group of conspirators buried deep within a Congressional Inquiry's report and retraces their work in gripping detail. Fasten your seatbelt— the sad truth is that all of the solid evidence points to a dark collaboration between members of the Bush Administration and a covert group of Saudi government officials. This is a game changer that will finally set the record straight on the most horrific crime in US history. This book is a compilation of official reports that disputes the Bush Administration, the Bush Intelligence Community and the American media's account of the 9/11 attack. United States Senator Bob Graham's Congressional Joint Inquiry in 2002 revealed that Saudi Arabian Intelligence agents met the 9/11 hijackers in the Los Angeles in January of 2000, harbored them and led them to 18 months of flight training in Florida and Arizona. Marshall follows reports from FBI field agents that warned George W. Bush's Administration that a “cadre of individuals of investigative interest were engaged in flight training” in the Arizona desert in the spring of 2001. Marshall identifies three top federal investigators who complained that Dick Cheney obstructed justice by refusing access to suspects who supposedly confessed to the greatest crime in U.S. history. None of the federal investigators were ever allowed to verify the confession of Khalid Sheik Mohammed who had been water boarded over 180 times at Guantanamo detention facility. The book disputes the video and media confession of Osama bin Laden and points out that none of the accusations by the Bush Administration could be proved. Marshall asserts that the Saudi government was the true executioners of the 9/11 attack and framed their enemies while CIA special operations set up an elaborate decoy named Osama bin Laden to divert attention away from the Saudi operation. He follows the hijackers to flight training airports and finds that Saudi agents led the hijackers to the Arizona desert where Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 airliners were parked at a secluded CIA operated airport. The operators of the CIA airport were traced to suspicious insider stock trades on two airlines, United Airlines and American Airlines, the only two airlines used in the 9/11 attack. Marshall breaks down the tactical flight plan that was used by the hijackers and chronicles the actions of Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Dick Cheney and George W. Bsuh to learn that their account of the attack was severely flawed. Three top investigators wrote that Dick Cheney had obstructed the investigation and redacted the involvement of the Saudi government agents who were employed in California by the Saudi Civil Aviation authority. The Congressional Inquiry reported that the Saudi agents had “seemingly unlimited funding from Saudi Arabia” and had traced the hijacker financial support to Prince Bandar through a Riggs Bank account. Finally Marshall chronicles the media trial that allowed Bush and Cheney to derail American Justice by trying the 9/11 case with media propaganda and away from the American federal court system.

UPDATE 26 April 2014: YouTube (1:22:26) Unthinkable: An Airline Captain's Story

9/11 DVD: Who Had Demolition Access to WTC?

9-11 Online Video, YouTube

First uploaded in 2010. Tip of the Hat to Pete Lindall @ LinkedIn.

Let the Investigations and Prosecutions Begin! 9 years after the attacks we are finally zeroing in on the people responsible. Kevin Ryan has been kicking ass and taking names, while the pseudo-savior Julian Assange censors cables dealing with Israel and calls 9/11 Truthers “annoying”. Assange staked the reputation of Wikileaks on the public never learning about Building 7. So ask yourself: Who would want to silence the biggest controversy in history? Why is Julian Assange doing this? Who is he?

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DefDog: What Hit the Pentagon? How About a Modified Douglas A-3 Skywarrior?

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I have no idea.  This theory is getting traction and gaining interviews.

What Hit the Pentagon?  How About a Douglas A-3 Skywarrior + AGM-12C Bullpup + MISTEL TYPE Warhead?  Along with Secondary Pre-Installed Explosions and a Smudge Pot?

Missile & remote control systems added to small jets before 9-11; same parts found at Pentagon

Was USAF Laos and Contra Pilot Darrell Skurich Key Man in Pentagon 9/11 False Flag?

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