Can John Kasich Win by Championing Electoral Reform?

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ROBERT STEELE: Please consider reading the essay with 27 endnotes at LinkedIn, where I would be most appreciative of internal likes and external shares. I am agnostic about who might win — my focus is on electoral reform — but I do earnestly believe that John Kasich is the only totally ethical and broadly intelligent adult running. The essay offers a specific idea for his winning the Republican nomination by working with Governor Abbott of Texas to sponsor a virtual (non-binding) Constitutional Convention that would energize all of us, and other ideas that he can use to destroy the three Senators now running, and reach agreement with Joe Biden on the need — prior to the summer recess — for an Electoral Reform Act of 2016 that enables the election of Constitution, Green, and Libertarian Members as well as Independents.

Yoda: Indigenous Rights Victories in 2015

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yoda with light saberBats last, nature does.

Fifteen Indigenous Rights Victories In 2015

Good news. Sometimes, it comes in the form of a cancelled hydro dam that spares 20,000 people from the burden of displacement. Other times, it takes the shape of a simple court admission that Indigenous Peoples do actually make the best conservationists.

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Sabine Balve: World Leaders Forum Dubai

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Sabine Balve
Sabine Balve

World Leaders Forum Dubai, Global Think and Do Tank, A Coalition of the Connected Ones…

World Leaders Forum Dubai is more then just a forum and global campaign, it is a call to greater citizenship, an international THINK and DO TANK, we have more then 100.000 follower and around 5.000 scientists and top experts in all global topic questions. Addressing Global Citizen to empower especially global's youth and women to create as CHANGE-MAKERS a more sustainable future for all – with a NEW GREEN Economic model: HUMAN to HUMAN (H2H) to promote a World in Peace!  WLFDubai regroups Teams, Partners and Sponsors worldwide, JOIN, you all matter to us! – some of our plans:

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Tom Atlee: How Tunisia Imagined Its Future

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Tom Atlee
Tom Atlee

What's this message is about: Within a month of toppling its dictator, Tunisia’s 2011 Arab Spring revolution was bogged down with a struggling transition government and a countrywide general strike. An ad agency that identified with the revolution (and needed the country to get back to work in order to sell its clients’ products!) decided to get all of Tunisia vividly imagining a better future. They convinced six brands and five major Tunisian media to spend one day together carrying nothing but stories as if it were three years later and Tunisia had become a prosperous, modern, democratic country. By the evening of that day people all over the country were imagining and debating the destiny of Tunisia on Twitter, on a special website, and in streets, homes, and media across the land. Suddenly returning to work became a revolutionary act. This post explores the implications of that remarkable event for the rest of us, and for democracy itself.

Imagine a country imagining its future together. It did!

Jean Lievens: The Linux Approach to Human and Eco-System Well Being

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Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

The Linux Approach to Human and Eco-System Well Being

Democracies are in dire need of an upgrade to deal with social complexity

Current versions of democracy are a bit like the DOS operating system in the 1980s. In the best cases, they may hold the promise of a more user-friendly Windows beaconing on the horizon. But forget about a participatory, interactive Linux system. Our democracies have bugs, lack user-friendly features and under-perform. Above all, they are in need of major upgrades.

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Kosmos: People Power Against Inequality

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kosmos logoPeople Power – What Progress on Fighting Inequality Would Look Like

Movements overcome injustices not just by bearing witness to the wrongs of the time, but by enabling people to envision a better future.

Most importantly, activists are saying that progress in the fight against inequality would look like a strengthening of the power of ordinary people – more people finding support in community groups and trade unions, a stronger voice for people in decisions that affect them. This is partly because the scale of change entailed can only come about through pressure from below – it is the only way it ever has. And because any change would be either inadequately followed through, or be too easily reversible, unless people power hold governments to account.