Kosmos: People Power Against Inequality

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kosmos logoPeople Power – What Progress on Fighting Inequality Would Look Like

Movements overcome injustices not just by bearing witness to the wrongs of the time, but by enabling people to envision a better future.

Most importantly, activists are saying that progress in the fight against inequality would look like a strengthening of the power of ordinary people – more people finding support in community groups and trade unions, a stronger voice for people in decisions that affect them. This is partly because the scale of change entailed can only come about through pressure from below – it is the only way it ever has. And because any change would be either inadequately followed through, or be too easily reversible, unless people power hold governments to account.

Jean Lievens: EU Digital Democracy

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Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens


Elisa Bruno, EU Policies and Outreach Manager, ECAS

A new Deliberative-Collaborative eDemocracy model is emerging worldwide. This model can ensure high quality policy-making by involving citizens directly in the policy process through the use of Web 2.0 facilities to enhance and manage large-scale information in a collaborative process. As a part of this model, crowdsourcing for policy-making has been used at national and local levels to gather information and knowledge from an undefined crowd using ICT and the Internet. Thanks to crowdsourcing, policy-makers co-legislate with citizens, who then become part of the political process in-between elections.

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OpenDemocracy: “One very simple, but radical, idea: to democratise Europe.” An interview with Yanis Varoufakis

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open democracy logo“One very simple, but radical, idea: to democratise Europe.” An interview with Yanis Varoufakis

I followed my own thinking through to the extent that I can, logically, and reached the conclusion that a pan-European movement is the only solution. … why this should be a movement, and not a party and not an elite.

NO LABELS: 10 questions for Jon Huntsman, Joe Lieberman

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no-labels-art10 questions for Jon Huntsman, Joe Lieberman

HARWOOD: What’s wrong with American politics?

HUNTSMAN: I think professional politicians have taken over. They’ve professionalized what used to be a pursuit in public service…

LIEBERMAN: … it got more and more partisan, so my last two years were the most partisan, most rigid, and therefore the least productive. We didn’t get anything done.

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Sepp Hasslberger: Liquid Democracy Rising…

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Sepp Hasslberger
Sepp Hasslberger

Political decision-making by elected representatives is far removed from those who go to the election booth once every four or five years. Liquid democracy uses the internet to reduce the distance between citizens and decision makers…

Liquid Democracy: The App That Turns Everyone into a Politician

Liquid Democracy is one of the boldest contemporary innovations in democratic decision-making. The idea uses web technology that allows users to interact in new ways.

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JZ Liszkiewicz: Achieving Democracy

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JZ Liszkiewicz
JZ Liszkiewicz

One perspective is that the more energy and trust we direct at a system that doesn’t deserve our energy and trust, the more lost opportunities accumulate (what could have been). People will counter this broken system, but I don’t think it’s going to be led by those within the political structure/re-structuring, or even be overtly deliberate.

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CounterPunch: Robert Steele: A Fantasy On the Seventh Day — How to Fast Track Extreme Democracy in the USA

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The fat sweaty Capitol Hill policeman was in lust. The perfect babe was walking past him toward the steps of The Capitol, wearing only a T-shirt and the shortest of shorts, carrying only a cell phone and a jug. The possibilities of a wet T-shirt fully occupied his very small mind.

Then she exploded in flames. She had sat down, poured the jug of what turned out to be gasoline over her body, filmed her short manifesto for broadcast to YouTube, and lit a match. Here’s what she said:

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 SHORT URL to CounterPunch page: http://tinyurl.com/Steele-Fantasy

Full text below the fold.

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Berto Jongman: Will US Collapse Soon? Robert Steele: Should EU Be Thinking About Post-US NATO?

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Unthinkable: Brazilian Journalist Mulls Soviet-Style Collapse of US

Citing a series of geopolitical, economic and social setbacks faced by the United States since the turn of the century, geopolitical analyst and Sao Paulo Business School Professor Antonio Gelis-Filho argues that global policy planners must prepare to deal with the “improbable, but by all means possible, Soviet-style collapse of the United States.”

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Worth a Look: One Voice Now

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One Voice Now

“One voice made up of three hundred million people containing billions of brain cells all working together to solve the problems of today, making the world a better place for the children of tomorrow.” ~ David Frank ~

A “LOCAL ISSUES TELEVISION AND RADIO STATION” (Your Local Public Broadcasting Station) to send the information out to the community.

A “COMMUNITY COMPUTER” (Community Voter Database) to receive the calls (votes) from any touch-tone phone. The computer will verify the voter, ask what issue number they want to vote on, count the vote and prevent multiple voting. Issues of, by and for the people…

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Using your smartphone to verify evidence of war crimes

Michel Bauwens: 10 Open Source Policies for a Commons-Based Society

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Michel Bauwens
Michel Bauwens

10 Open Source Policies for a Commons-Based Society


1 Education 2 Research 3 Purchasing 4 Patents 5 Data 6 Collaboration 7 Commons 8 Health 9 Economy 10 Systemic Change

Tip of the Hat to Jean Lievens.

Open Government Graphic Below the Fold

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Pierre Cloutier: A Provisional New Constitution for Quebec

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Pierre Cloutier
Pierre Cloutier

Circulating in French among Quebec activists.

[1] A modern state, in my conception of things, must protect its citizens against its own abuses and against the abuses of the mercantile order.

[2] The only way to do this is to identify specific and concrete rights that will enable people living in our area for a decent life “constitutionalising” those rights in a higher law to other laws with a formula easy access to the courts to ensure compliance.

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Worth a Look: Open Source City

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Amazon Page
Amazon Page

Explore the five elements of an open source city using Raleigh, North Carolina as a case study. See how the open source characteristics of collaboration, transparency, and participation are shaping the open government and open data movements. This book showcases the open source culture, government policies, and economic development happening in Raleigh and acts as a guide for other cities to pursue their open source city brand.

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Jean Lievens: European Open Science Cloud

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Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

Towards the European Open Science Cloud

CERN has recently published a paper which outlines the establishment of the European Open Science Cloud that will enable digital science by introducing IT as a Service to the public research sector in Europe.

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