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Phi Beta Iota: “Spengler” is channeled by David P Goldman, associate editor of First Things.  Routinely cited by Contributing Editor Chuck Spinney, Spengler is a gifted analyst with a very large lance for popping intellectual and moral bubbles in Western discourse.

Journal: Why Do We Need a CIA At All?

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Full Story Online


Monday, August 31, 2009

By Adam Goldman and Pamela Hess

Secret CIA program used Blackwater recruits

“The question remains: Why do we need Blackwater?” said Charles Faddis, a former department chief at the CIA’s Counter-terrorism Center who retired in 2008 and was not involved in the secret program. “I remain mystified. This is quintessential CIA work. You wonder what it means that the CIA has to rely on Blackwater? Why are we still funding the CIA?”

Phi Beta Iota: Restore CIA ownership of the South-Central Campus (or give it back to the estate that granted it to CIA in perpetuity); three SMALL towers there with an over-arching top floor: DNI; Open Source Agency; Multinational Decision-Support Agency.  Turn CIA HQS into a technical collection agency with one floor per discipline.  Split the CIA analysts between DIA (two all-source analytic centers per floor in now vacated DNI spaces) and Open Source Agency.  End all contracting of inherently-governmental functions.  Re-boot the clandestine service with an emphasis on multinational clandestine operations run out of regional multinational field stations.  CIA has been so badly-managed by a series of Directors going back to George Bush the Pater, it might as well not have existed all these years.  How’s that for an epitaph?

Review: Innovation Happens Elsewhere–Open Source as Business Strategy

5 Star, Best Practices in Management, Change & Innovation, Information Technology, Strategy

Innovation HappensGuide to the Value Created by Free/Open Source Software,

January 27, 2007

Ron Goldman

This is not the book I was expecting, but that’s my fault. I was expecting something beyond “The Innovator’s Dilemma” focused on management. What I ended up with was in fact much more useful, an elementary but essential and easy to read guide to Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS).

This book is a real gem, and for any manager thinking about how to explode out of their tired old proprietary software architecture, joins “Wikinomics” and “Infotopia” as essential reading.

This book is well-structured, comes with credible and extensive references and appendices, and also offers an online version for preview or later quick search at [ …w.]

I’m still waiting for Sun and RedHat to create a skunkworks where we can quickly test-drive and adapt open source softwares addressing each of the 18 functionalities that the Central Intelligence Agency has known it needed since 1986 but still does not have precisely because the CIA is the anti-thesis of open source (see image I have added above).

Earth Intelligence Network is going to put CIA out of business–it will be based on open source software, and everyone will benefit. That is a good thing! The sub-title of this book is on target: it is a primer on open source as business strategy. To that I would add what I have recommended to the organizers of OSCON, that managers be very aware of the others opens: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Open Spectrum, Open Access, Open Culture, Open Innovation, Open Society, and Open Circle/Open Space. There are others emerging. Open is now a meme as well as a culture, and this book helps us to understand why that is and why that matters.

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