Worth a Look: Economic Intelligence for the Public

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Chris Martinsen’s Free Crash Course on Economics

Introduction (on this page, above)1:47Español, Français
1Three Beliefs1:46Español, Français
2The Three “E”s1:38Español, Français
3Exponential Growth6:20Español, Français
4Compounding is the Problem3:06Español, Français
5Growth vs. Prosperity3:40Español, Français
6What is Money?5:55Español, Français
7Money Creation4:19Español, Français
8The Fed – Money Creation7:13Español, Français
9A Brief History of US Money7:14Español, Français
10Inflation11:48Español, Français
11How Much Is A Trillion?3:28Español, Français
12Debt12:32Español, Français
13A National Failure To Save12:06Español, Français
14Assets & Demographics13:41Español, Français
15Bubbles14:10Español, Français
16Fuzzy Numbers15:52Español, Français
17aPart A: Peak Oil17:52Español, Français
17bPart B: Energy Budgeting12:15Español, Français
17cPart C: Energy And The Economy7:05Español, Français
18Environmental Data16:22Español, Français
19Future Shock8:02Español, Français
20What Should I Do?19:48Español, Français

Tip of the Hat to pinecarr, who provided this comment at  Book: INTELLIGENCE FOR EARTH–Chapter 7 Loaded.

Retired Reader states “Identifying what he [Robert D. Steele] conceives as the ten major threats to humanity as the bases for designing a global intelligence system is exactly the way to begin.” I couldn’t agree more.

Given that, and as someone who greatly admires your ability to digest huge amounts of information in your pursuit of truth, I would like to bring “The Crash Course”, by Dr. Chris Martenson, to your attention. It is available free on-line..

I think Chris’s 5 year search for the truth -relating to interacting problems in the economy, energy, and environment- complements your search for larger truths, just starting from a different perspective. I also think the knowledge he conveys may contribute additional insights for your assessment of the top threats to humanity.

For an independent review of the Crash Course by the Huffington Post, see “The Perfect Crash Course on the Economy”.

EXTRACT from Huffington Post (a great review) on the author’s three core points:

“The first is that the next twenty years are going to be completely unlike the last twenty years. Second, I believe that its possible that the pace and/or scope of change could overwhelm the ability of our key social and support institutions to adapt. Third, I believe we do not lack any technology or understanding necessary to build ourselves a better future.”