Mongoose: #GoogleGestapo Faces $9B Hit in Europe

IO Impotency, IO Models

Google Faces $9B Fine in Europe For Manipulating What Users See

An investigation by the European Commission into questionable business practices that directed user searches to Google’s own shopping services is likely to result in a massive anti-competition penalty for the Mountain View, California giant.

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Stephen E. Arnold: Google Books Ruling — Just Wait…

Commerce, Corruption, IO Models
Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Google Books Ruling Appealed

It’s not over until it’s over. The long process of determining whether Google’s giant Books project counts as “fair use” continues, we learn from “Authors Guild Appeals Ruling in Google Books Case” at The Authors Guild would like to see limits on the herculean digitization project, which has scanned more than 20 million books to date.

The brief write-up reveals:

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Stephen E. Arnold: Is Palantir In The Business of Raising Money?

Advanced Cyber/IO, IO Impotency, IO Models, IO Sense-Making
Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Palantir: What Is the Main Business of the Company?

I read about Palantir and its successful funding campaign in “Palantir’s Latest Round Valuing It at $9B Swells to $107.8M in New Funding.”

If you run a query for “Palantir” on Beyond Search, you will get links to articles about the company’s previous funding and to a couple of stories about the companies interaction with IBM i2 related to an allegation about Palantir’s business methods.

Compared to the funding for ordinary search and content processing companies, Palantir is obviously able to attract investors better than most of the other companies that make sense out of data.

I find Palantir interesting for three reasons.

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