2002 Klavans (US) Technology Mapping: A Workshop on (Open) Sources & Methods for Identifying Commercial Opportunities in Technology

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Maps of Science
Maps of Science

Dick is President and Chief Executive Officer  of Maps of Science, having founded the company in 1991. Between 1991 and 2000, he created maps of science for large pharmaceutical, chemical and physics-based firms. He completely rewrote the computer algorithms in 2000, and continues to modify them in order to generate the most accurate maps possible. Dick, and Chief Technical Officer Kevin Boyack have a strong publication record on mapping science, and are considered world leaders in this area (see bibliography).  We met Dick in the 1990's when we were exploring how best to identify the top 100 experts on anything and everything, and he is still the master, aided by an exclusive total right of access to all citation analysis data owned by and generated by the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) founded by Eugene Garfield (a small part of our Aspin-Brown Commission testimony in 1995 that persauded them the US Intelligence Community was “severely deficient” in not being able to do what OSS CEO did with six  telephone calls).

Below is Dick's OSS '02 workshop on Technology Mapping, done with Brad Ashton, his co-author in producing what is still the best book on the subject, Keeping Abreast of Science and Technology: Technical Intelligence for Business.

PDF: OSS2002-02-14 Klavans Technology Mapping

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