Review: Harvest Of Rage–Why Oklahoma City Is Only The Beginning

5 Star, Democracy, Impeachment & Treason, Insurgency & Revolution

HarvestExplains Violence and Anger in Rural West,June 5, 2009

Joel Dyer

I have spent my life in government (30 years) and studying the causes of revolution and instability, and I would sum up the core insight as this: violent anger is spawned by unfairness and feelings of helplessness combined with a loss of faith in “authority” or existing mechanisms for conflict resolution.

This book joins a growing body of literature that I have been exploring that suggests that America is losing its mind as a nation, is fragmenting in multiple ways including states planning for secession, divides between rural and urban, increased ethnic violence especially among poor whites, and so on. There is also a growing literature on government ineptness if not actual mafeasance and betrayal of the public trust.

In terms of details, this book is persuasive in documenting either a federal cover-up or massive federal incompetence. The suspects not interviewed, the suspects blocked from testifying, it all adds up to the federal government having a story line that is not supported by the facts.

I just finished watching Gandhi for the 20th or so time as background to writing an article on Human Intelligence (HUMINT), and I fear for America. We have dumbed down the population and betrayed multiple demographic elements of the population is ways that will have consequences. The Obama Borg Administration being almost identical to the Bush-Cheney Borg Administration is certain to make the situation worse.

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