Journal: Questions for supporters of the Democrat-Republican duopoly

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Questions for supporters of the

Democrat-Republican duopoly

August 31, 7:49 AM

Chad MacInnes

Orange County Independent Examiner

EXTRACT: The fact of the matter is that career politicians will say anything to get re-elected and will do anything to stay in power. This then becomes a classic dichotomy: the politicians say one thing, yet continue to act in ways anathema to what they repeatedly profess they stand for. Yet they are re-elected over and over again. Both Republicans and Democrats alike are equally guilty, and this becomes clear when one simply compares the rhetoric with what they actually do. With very few notable exceptions, Dr. Ron Paul comes to mind, there is no honor, no integrity, no intestinal fortitude among them. They are weak and spinless creatures driven only by an insatiable thirst for power and control, yet fancy themselves saviors, strong and powerful simply by their ability to manipulate the system and ignore the people. The self-serving Democrat-Republican duopoly is symptomatic of our sick republic, and the only medicine that will cure it is to remove this duopolistic tumor.

Phi Beta Iota: INTEGRITY.    The Average American has more common sense, decency, and integrity that most Graphic B JPEGserving in Washington as political appointees sworn to a partisan agenda, or as elected officials who have betrayed their constituencies by toeing to the party line.  Mr. MacInnes is articulating a broad “pox on both parties” that has been in motion since everyone realized that Al Gore sold out (Warren Christopher carried the offer) in 2000.

Now, having said that, we reiterate our view that President Barack Obama could be the George Washington of this century if he rejects the partisan hacks and the Wall Street hucksters that are looting the Treasury and avoiding responsibility.  All he has to do is demand the Electoral Reform Act of 2009 followed by the Smart Nation-Safe Nation Act of 2010, and we will have a Republic again–an informed, secure, sane, responsible Republic.

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