Journal: Mis-Managing Spectrum

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Full Story Online

Warning on surge in wireless traffic

By Joseph Menn in San Francisco and Chris Nuttall in San Diego

October 7 2009

The head of the US Federal Communications Commission warned on Wednesday that there is not enough room in the airwaves for the “explosion” in wireless data traffic, setting the stage for a big realignment of spectrum usage as the government tries to help mobile carriers keep up with consumer demand.

“The biggest threat to the future of mobile in America is the looming spectrum crisis,” said Julius Genachowski, the Obama administration appointee who took over as head of the five-member FCC in late June.

Phi Beta Iota: Top-down management of bottom-up needs and capabilities does not work.  Open Spectrum is the only possible solution and has been proven in South Korea among other places.  It's time to stop selling spectrum and start demanding smart devices and intelligent sharing of the commonwealth.

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