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Dave Warner
Dave Warner

Dr.Dave Warner, a medical neuroscientist, has an MD/PhD from Loma Linda University, is the director of the Institute for Interventional Informatics and has gained international recognition for pioneering new methods of physiologically based human-computer interaction.  The rest of us know him as one of the leaders of STRONG ANGEL, as the pioneer of the one-ounce laptop TOOZL, and more recently, as the lead definer of of Whole of Government and Multinational Multifunctional Information Sharing & Synergy Capabilites.

RFC 16019: Information Sharing & Synergy Demonstration

Summer Synergy ’09 …..    Warner to Clapper on PRTs …..    Jalalabad Photos

Synergy Strike Force …..    Beer for Data Sharing in Afghanistan …..    Star-Tides

Phi Beta Iota: We’ve spent 21 years getting to know geniuses like Dr. Dr. Warner (PhD and MD).  What they all lack is a single sand-pit where they can come together and create multiinational information-sharing and sense-making capabilities without all of the dysfuncitonality that is inherent in anything done by conventional DoD contracting or US IC program management methods.

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