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15 Dec 09

Protest? What Protest?

By Dave Lindorff
The Public Record
Dec 15th, 2009

In what passes for corporate journalism in America, this concept has taken the form of, “If we don’t report on it, it didn’t happen.”

That certainly was the case for the emergency protest organized by a coalition of anti-war organizations under the banner, which saw over 1000 people gather on short notice in the bitter cold on Lafayette Park opposite the White House to protest President Obama’s escalation of the war in Afghanistan on Saturday, Dec. 12.

Not a word about this impromptu protest, which included many people who had supported the election of President Obama only a year ago, appeared in the New York Times. Nor did the Washington Post bother to mention the protest in its own back yard, not even in its Metro section pages. The other national newspaper, USA Today, likewise blacked out news of the protest.

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Peace Movement Says Hello World

A new anti-war coalition based at held its first rally on Saturday, Dec. 12 2009 outside the U.S. White House.

by John Kusumi (centrist liberal)     Monday, December 14, 2009

It didn’t receive enough attention, but this author leaned into it upon learning about the new coalition at The coalition held its first rally outside the U.S. White House on Saturday, December 12, 2009.

The rally had music, a raft of speakers, and four former U.S. Presidential candidates: Kucinich, Gravel, McKinney, and Nader. These are the Green / progressive / anti-war left in touch with “Main Street” America. Apparently, they are too far left to suit the taste of U.S. network TV, which is pro-war, pro-genocide, and pro-corrupt status quo.

Network TV is “the corrupt, flacking for the corrupt,” and indeed their only role in the face of authentic and genuine protest is to put out the fire, by starving such protest of its metaphorical oxygen — the attention that would bring the concerns to wider audiences.

So, it should not surprise us that network TV yammered about Tiger Woods all weekend — it was a convenient distraction and it filled up air time that might otherwise have gone to Kucinich, Gravel, McKinney, and Nader, who addressed the high stakes questions of war and peace, and the waste of blood, treasure, lives, and livelihoods.

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