Journal: Questions on AF & PK, The Larger Question

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General Stanley McChrystal
General Stanley McChrystal

What Congress Should Ask McChrystal

Phi Beta Iota: WIRED Magazine has put together a number of questions that ably illustrate the confusion in the public mind over why we are in Afghanistan and what that has to do with Pakistan.  Based on the history of the Cold War, which appears to have been a Fity Year Wound, In Search of Enemies, or as General Smedley Butler, USMC (Ret) put it, War is a Racket, we have to wonder.  When one combines the scandals associated with health care (50% waste according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers), the economy (a fraudulent Federal Reserve and phantom wealth leveraged by Wall Street to the detriment of the commonwealth), and all of the other pressing problems facing America, the larger question is not really about Afghanistan or Pakistan but rather about process.  Is America a democracy?  Is our policy process reasoned and informed?  Is the public interest being served? Does the White House really understand  The True Cost of Conflict/Seven Recent Wars and Their Effects on Society?

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