Journal: Division with US Army over Muslim Dissidents–LtGen Jerry Boykin, USA (Ret) Sounds Off

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1.  Before anybody asks — yes, I know from which network the video clip apparently originated and yes, I am well aware of LTG Boykin's views (or biases, depending on your perspective).

2.  “I have absolutely no basis to dispute LTG Boykin's assertions.”  OTOH, I know two separate people involved in studying the Hassan case, one Army and one Marine Corps and have heard absolutely zero about the case from either.  Further, if you recall the coverage in the immediate aftermath of the event, people were turning cheetah flips to avoid the kind of candor LTG Boykin displays.

LtGen Jerry Boykin, USA (Ret) Sounds Off

Phi Beta Iota: We are among those that admire LtGen Boykin for his directness.  His book Never Surrender remains a favorite, along with the Leadership Lessons of Jesus that was offered for sale in the US Special Operations bookstore.  The US Army is making the same mistake the FBI made when it refused to act on the PBS exposure by Steve Emerson, author of American Jihad–The Terrorists Living Among Us, because they confused “political correctness” with intelligence, and their leaders have no integrity (a problem common across the flag and senior executive ranks in every corner of the US Government).  We would augment LtGen Boykin's observation with our own on Cognitive Dissonance.

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