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Multilingual Web should be a priority for India: W3C chief

Six months into his new job, Jeffrey Jaffe, Chief Executive Officer of the World Wide Web Consortium has his work cut out

The World Wide Web Consortium or W3C, as it is better known, is where the industry meets to set standards for the Web. And Jeffery Jaffe – an IT industry veteran who held prominent positions at Bell Labs (Lucent Technologies), IBM, and more recently at Novell – as its CEO not only oversees the W3C's largest project in progress ( HTML5 standards group) but is also trying to ensure that the Consortium sharpens its focus on multilingual web standards for countries like India.

Tip of the Hat to Marjorie M K Hlava at LinkedIn.

Phi Beta Iota: As we briefed the National Security Agency (NSA) both on site and in Las Vegas, everyone including Google is focused on the T in IT and on “owning” content rather than making sense of content.  Multiple endeavors around the world, including Pierre Levy‘s Internet Economy Meta Language (IEML), have no home base where M4IS2 can be nurtured.  That is what the World Brain Institute would do, with special emphasis on unpublished and analog data as well as deep web data not now covered by Google or any of the other 74 top search engines (each with its own niche).  We has the International Standards Organization (ISO) ready to consider a broad set of intelligence processing and analytic tradecraft standards, but could not generate support within the US–Bob Herman, a man well-qualified to be Director of National Intelligence (DNI), was representative of the polite opposition, preferring a winner take all strategy of benign neglect.  While others focus on “owning” the cloud, we will continue to focus on connecting the dots.

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