Journal: US Travel Alert–Political and Fraudulent?

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1)  9-11 known to have been at a minimum allowed to happen.

9-11 Truth Books & DVDs (29)

2)  CIA known to have sponsored terrorism in Philippines, Indonesia, Viet-Nam, and Italy as pretext.

Review: Edward Lansdale’s Cold War (Culture, Politics, and the Cold War) (Paperback)

Reference: US Responsibility for Atrocities in Indonesia

3)  Underpants Bomber very likely to have been a US-Israeli deception operation against the US public and Congress (never mind the Constitution, Bush-Cheney buried it, Obama-Biden have carried on in that tradition).

Journal: Underpants Bomber Saved Worthless NCTC [with other links]

Current Situation:

1)  This rumor has been around before; and the chatter sounds American in origin.

December 20, 2009 Police expect Mumbai-style terror attack on City of London

2)  This time, the “threat” is based on a single US-controlled captive being held in Afghanistan.

Thursday, 30 September 2010 Mumbai-style commando raid plan ‘uncovered in Pakistan'

3)  The threat appears to have been originally aimed at silencing critics of the widespread drone attacks inside Pakistan.

Wed Sep 29 Terror plot in Europe prompted drone strikes

4)  British reinforcement of the US claims suspect

Al Qaida's Mumbai-style attack plot could have been hatched in Rochdale

Our group bottom line: Not even close.  This is very likely a fraud, most certainly over-reaction hyped for political purposes, and the evidence has not been collected, processed, analyzed, and presented properly.    This is bogus.  What is really scary is that in order to “prove” it, a crime against humanity may be ordered, a bombing or shooting spree of sorts using either a false flag recruit set in motion by covert action operators, or a bombing by a contractor such as Xe/Blackwater.

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