Reference: The Core Protocols V. 3.02

Advanced Cyber/IO, Collaboration Zones, Communities of Practice, Ethics, Historic Contributions, Methods & Process

The Core Protocols V. 3.02

(The Core is distributed under the terms of the GNU-PL. For exact terms see The Core is considered as source code under that agreement. You are free to use and distribute this work or any derivations you care to make, provided you also distribute this source document in its entirety, including this paragraph.)

The following Core Protocols are made up of both commitments and protocols.

  • The Core Commitments
  • Pass (Unpass)
  • Check In
  • Check Out
  • Ask For Help
  • Protocol Check
  • Intention Check
  • Decider
  • Resolution
  • Personal Alignment
  • Investigate

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Tip of the Hat to Pétur Orri Sæmundsen in Iceland.

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