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1 January 2011

Haiti: One Year Later (TheNonProfitTimes)

Haitians live in a make-shift camp close to the airport. Port au Prince Haiti was rocked by a massive earthquake, Tuesday January 12, devastating the city and leaving thousands dead. Photo Marco Dormino

31 December 2010

FILE – In this Nov. 13, 2010 file photo, an ambulance worker prepares to remove the corpse of a man lying dead in a portable bathroom of a refugee camp in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In 2010 crisis has piled upon crisis in Haiti. More than 230,000 are believed to have died in the quake, and more than a million remain homeless. A cholera epidemic broke out in the fall, and in its midst a dysfunctional election was held, its results still unclear. Photo: Ramon Espinosa / AP

30  December 2010

Cholera fears hurt Haiti's rice harvest (Montreal Gazette)

26 December 2010

Haiti in ruins, volunteers pay their own way to rebuild the country (Mercury News)

25 December 2010

In Haiti, tension builds against visiting helpers (Miami Herald)

24 December 2010

18 January 2010 with stark photos:   Haiti's Ground Zero: 30,000 dead and almost every building flattened in town at epicentre of earthquake (Daily Mail)

Officials: 45 people lynched in Haiti amid cholera fears (CNN)

“Christmas of misery” for many in calamity-hit Haiti (Reuters)

20 December 2010

Builders without Borders in Haiti (All Point Bulletin)

Tense Haiti awaits delayed vote results (AFP)

Cholera Deaths In Haiti Top 2,500, Health Ministry Says (Kaiser Family Foundation)

Haitians in U.S. Brace for Deportations to Resume (NYT)

Hope still a challenge in Haitian tent camps (Boston Globe)

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18-19 December 2010

Haiti once had tourists. Now it has ghosts (The Toronto Star CA)

Review of disputed results could delay vote (Miami Herald)

Students raise money for water filters to send to Haiti (Billings Gazette)


Low cost geodesic dome greenhouse kit–PHOTOS

Custom GD27 geo dome on raised base

9m dome for a school in gateshead

Phi Beta Iota: Haiti, Iran, Chile, and China strike us as the four corners of the Information Operations (IO) concepts and doctrine reflection table.  It is not too late to save Haiti–Haiti is a design problem, all it needs is integrity, intelligence, and a transparent nano-needs table with transparent accountability for every dollar the Red Cross and the Clinton-Bush funds have NOT delivered.  Iran is the perfect IO challenge in terms of harnessing the Iranian diaspora while locking down the covert action clowns.  Chile is the infinite energy solution base for getting everyone off fossil fuels.  China–and Brazil, India, Indonesia–are the big dogs where IO must deliver SOLUTIONS rather than “perceptions” based on fluff.  Truth–and human brain power–are the ONLY thing we have an infinite supply of, and we are using less than 2% of that right now.

17 December 2010

Haiti's Structural Crisis (The Nation)

Fidel Castro Lambasts Clinton on Haiti (Havana Times)

Health Experts: Cholera Vaccination In Haiti Not Possible Until Spring (NPR)

US will pay for Haitian vote fraud (Boston Globe)

WikiLeaks' lesson on Haiti (Guardian UK)

International Health Authority Praises Cuban Assistance in Haiti (Cuba News)

U.N. chief launches probe of Haiti cholera epidemic (Reuters)

U.S. monitoring kidnapping case against citizen in Haiti (CNN)

16 December 2010

A child from the tent city watches as Idner Lund builds a house from scraps of wood and metals he found in the destroyed neighborhoods surrounding the tent city called Mais Gate near Port-au-Prince airport.

In possible sign of progress, many leaving Haiti's tent cities (Miami Herald)

Slow Progress in Haiti's Recovery from Earthquake (Bernama MY)

Haiti cholera death toll starts to rise again (Sydney Morning Herald)

Haiti: The Slippery Slope of Ecosystem Degradation (Ecosysystem Marketplace)

Bill Clinton asserts confidence in fed-up Haiti (AP)

Haiti news: What does the future hold for Haiti's children? (SOS Children's Villages)

15 December 2010

Phi Beta Iota: There is nothing new on Haiti.  Here are the facts:

01  USSOUTHCOM was lacking in intelligence from day one.

02  State and DIA were lacking in both intelligence and policy interest from long before day one.

03  USD(I) was too busy playing budget shell games, the staff are techno-budget specialists, not holistic analysts capable of complex formulation and anticipation.

04  Neither SecDef nor the President nor anyone close to them considered Haiti to be a clear and present danger to the region or to the USA.

05  Haiti rapidly became the post-Katrina Katrina fund-raising scam.

06  Less than 2% of the collected funds have been delivered–call it 10% just to be safe.  This is a crime against humanity all on its own.

07  Saving Haiti is not rocket science–we nailed it in week one.  All it takes is integrity.  Cuba and Doctors without Borders have done well within their means.  Haiti could still be saved, but only if an ass-kicking truth-teller is put in charge of SOUTHCOM, ignores DIA and USD(I) while creating a Multinational Decision Support Center in Haiti (take I MEF's field command post & HQ Bn away from them and set it up in Haiti); drops in the Peace Jumpers, organizes the regional Reverse TIPFDD and Range of Gifts Table, and goes balls to the wall with Buckminster Fuller type self-contained housing that integrates clean water and in-house sewage treatment–this includes setting up the factory from the foundation up, and then turning Haiti, later, into the world's first exporter of affordable housing in a single container.  Haiti is an opportunity.  No one seems to get that.  Meanwhile, Bill Clinton is counting his Admin Fee, Bush Junior already spent his.  SHAME.

For inspiration:

REVIEW: Buckminster Fuller's 1928 Ideas & Integrities (Huffington Post)

A World That Works for All (Huffington Post)

13 December 2010

‘Quake-hit Haiti wins 2% of contracts' (Press TV)

US warns Haiti could risk aid freeze (AFP)

Clinton Haiti meeting moved due to unrest (AFP)

Good Intentions Haven’t Done Much For Haiti (ColorLines)

Haiti – Epidemic : Cholera and political crisis, the situation in Haiti (Haiti Libre)

The Poor Always Pay: The Electoral Crisis in Haiti (Huffington Post)

Haiti to improve quake preparedness (Nature)

9 December Protests

9 December 2010

Voice of the Betrayed Rising Loudly in Haiti (Photos) (EpochTimes)

Cholera strain in Haiti matches South Asian bacteria (Mercury News)

Palin to Haiti with Graham (Politico)

4 December 2010

Counts in Haiti of Cholera Cases and Victims Could Be Doubled (AP)

Haiti – Epidemic : Brazil-Cuba partnership against cholera (HaitiLibre)

3 December 2010

UN: Cholera could affect 650,000 in Haiti (AP)

Mobs in Haiti kill ‘witches' accused of intentionally spreading cholera (NY Daily)

UN threatens to pull out of Haiti (Telegraph UK)

11 Months Later--MUCH Worse

Reported Cholera Cases in Haiti Rise to 72,000: UN (Crienglish.com)

Prelude to a Plague (ScienceNow)

The Root: Haitians Wonder, What Happens Now? (NPR)

UN makes record aid appeal of $7.4 bln for 2011 (AFP)

Phi Beta Iota: Less than 5% of all contributions made explicitly for Haiti have been actualized within Haiti.  The same is largely true everywhere else, for the simple reason that there is not meta-network that can establish ground truth, match needs to donors, and generally ensure that panarchic hybrid networks are needs-driven, citizen-centered, and completely accountable through transparency.  Even now–especially now–Haiti would be a superb opportunity to demand of the Red Cross and all others the immediate delivery of the collected funds to a central bank account to be managed by a governing council (a form of trusteeship with a five-year mandate) representing the eight intelligence tribes of Haiti as well as the eight intelligence tribes of multiple donor nations.  We need new hybrid arrangements that integrate intelligence, integrity, and intention…that create capabilities without corruption.  This is beyond the capacity of the Haitian government; beyond the capacity of the US Government, and beyond the capacity of the United Nations.  It's time to change the game.

Closing the Border

27 November 2010

Haiti – Cholera Epidemic : Border closed, important Dominican military device (Haiti Libre)

Haiti – Cholera Epidemic : Fidel Castro announces the sending of medical reinforcements (Haiti Libre)

In the Eye of the Storm

Recruiting doctors for Haiti cholera crisis not easy (CTV Montreal)

UN reports Haiti's cholera cases approaching 50,000 (Xinhuanet.com)

Haiti cholera epidemic will affect hundreds of thousands, says UN official–Outbreak is spreading faster than predicted and could last a year in the earthquake-hit country (Guardian UK)

Black Death

25 November 2010

Apathy rules as Haiti approaches ‘crucial' presidential election (Guardian UK)

Cholera Spreading in Haiti Faster Than Thought (Wall Street Journal)

Haiti's long, painful wait to rebuild (Washington Post)

Experts Urge US to Stockpile Cholera Vaccine (CalorieLab)

See Also:

Review: The Blue Death–Disease, Disaster, and the Water We Drink

20 November 2010

Haiti facing extraordinary cholera epidemic: expert (AP)

VIDEO: Cholera Victims Fill Gym in Haiti Amid Protests (AP)

False picture of foreign aid to Haiti (Letters, Guardian UK)

Prohibit work to Haitians, measures fraught with consequences (Haiti Libre)

Living fear the dead in cholera-scarred Haiti (Miami Herald)

Major Aid Organizations “Duped Donors” and “Failed Haiti” Group Charges (Huffington Post)

17 November 2010 (Evening)

Summary: Migrant workers a major issue, cruise industry in Caribbean–and the Dominican Republic's economy– could take a major hit either financially or medically or both. This is going to get much worse, and will turn from a disaster into a regional catastrophe for lack of intelligence and policy maturity that we called for–and demonstrated on this web site–beginning the day after the earthquake.

Haiti cholera crosses the border in Florida (Daily News)

First cholera case strikes fear in Dominican Republic (CNN)

In Haiti, cholera flourishes in disorder (Globe and Mail CA)

Haiti cholera epidemic set to ‘explode': United Nations (Hindustani Times IN)

Haiti cholera oubtreak: timeline (Telegraph UK)

Source Story

17 November 2010 (Morning)

Summary:  60-90,000 humans afflicted, expected to strike 200,000 to 250,000 more–lots of infected shit, lots of infected water, and no honest governance or even a semblance of organized assistance focused on the basics. Meanwhile, academics rally to save the frogs.

Haiti cholera reaches Dominican Republic (BBC)

Haiti's Cholera Epidemic Sparks Outrage (OpEd News)

Haiti president tries to put lid on anti-UN violence (Sydney  Morning Herald)

Rescue missions underway to save Haiti's species from mass extinctions (First Science.com)

16 November 2010

Photographing Cholera’s Awful Toll in Haiti (New York Times Blog)

Haiti cholera clashes: UN troops shoot man dead (Guardian UK)

15 November 2010

Cholera protesters barricade city (UKPA)

In Haiti, A Fear of Water (Huffington Post)

Haiti: Some thoughts, 10 months after the earthquake (Twin Cities Daily Planet)

The guest speaker at the Festival, a Haitian minister from Port-au-Prince, laid out Haiti's history in a very clear way, from the Haitian point of view. Then he recited some statistics now, ten months after the quake (my apologies for any inadvertent transcribing errors). In Haiti there is 85 percent unemployment, 48 percent illiteracy, 66 percent use candles as primary light source, 76 percent use charcoal for fuel, 80 percent have no potable water, 85 percent of products imported, 70 percent live on less than $2 per day, 1 million families (1.2 million people) homeless, 75 precent of homes need to be repaired.

This, ten months after perhaps the greatest outpouring of human and financial aid ever.

Patients suffering cholera symptoms sleep as they wait to be admitted at the Doctors Without Borders temporary hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

14 November 2010

Haiti's Unnatural Disasters (truthout)

Horror in Haiti as the spectre of cholera stalks city slums (Herald Scotland)

Cholera continues to worsen in Haiti (Los Angeles Times)

Haiti: Where is the UN? Where is the help? (The Independent UK)

In pictures: Haiti's cholera outbreak (Al Jazeera)

Aid Spawns Backlash in Haiti (Wall Street Journal)

Phi Beta Iota: The first article is a superb snapshot of culpability while the last article is especially thoughtful and makes two points: first, that the NGOs are just as high-handed, inept, and uncollaborative as the Haitian government; and second, that there is no information-sharing and sense-making system operative in Haiti.  If we were to be given the  Haiti problem today to fix–after ten months of predictable (we did predict it) atrocities by grand-standing celebrities and former presidents that garnered unfulfilled promises and no follow-through, we would start with the same Peace Jumpers we recommended on 12 January, immediately create a simplified needs lay-down, and begin a reverse TPFID (18 January) utilizing the regional big air and big boat facilities to then flow small air and small boats into Haiti.  Haiti real estate needs to be opened up and massive amounts of building materials need to come in via each of the six ports (one big, five small).

The US in Afghanistan and Iraq is Strike One; the US at home, bailing out Wall Street while poverty skyrockets is Strike Two; this is Strike Three.  SHAME on ALCON, beginning with USSOUTHCOM.

Source Page

12 November 2010

Health workers alarmed over trend in Haiti's cholera outbreak (CNN)

HAITI: Anger mounts with cholera death toll rise (YouTube)

Little Has Changed Since Haiti Quake, Except Now There's Cholera (ABC)

Credit NYT. Click to See More Images

11 Nov  Haiti cholera toll rises (TImes Live ZA)

11 Nov  Fighting despair in Haiti (Miami Herald)

11 Nov  Doctors advised to watch for cholera, especially in travelers returning from Haiti (Miami Herald)

11 Nov  Haiti suffers international neglect (Merced Sun-Star)

Phi Beta Iota: All of this was anticipated in our earliest postings in January 2010.  What the USA has failed to do is a global disgrace, and that disgrace falls particularly on the US Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM), which has been so unintelligent and unresponsive as to call into question whether it is a Command or merely a cell of extraordinarily inept public relations officers with too much rank.   USSOUTCOM needs a new CG with the right mind-set A YEAR AGO.

See especially:

18 Jan  Reference: Reverse TIPFID for Haiti

2003 RETROSPECTIVE: How to Handle the Haiti Crisis by Simeon Mitropoliski

5 Nov  Nepalese troops blamed for Haiti cholera

5 Nov  United Nations Brings Cholera to Haiti

5 Nov  Hurricane adds to Haiti's woes, 4 dead in floods

4 Nov  As Tropical Storm Tomas Bears Down, Another Obstacle Stalls $1B In U.S. Aid For Haiti

4 Nov BBC  In pictures: ‘Haiti still needs help'

4  Nov VIDEO Over a million homeless Haitians brace for hurricane Tomas

27 Oct  Haiti cholera epidemic yet to peak: WHO

“I don't think that it is contained. We cannot say it is contained,” Claire-Lise Chaignat, coordinator of the WHO's Global Task Force on Cholera Control, told journalists.

27 Oct Haiti cholera deaths ‘near 300'

Experts say that after a long absence from Haiti, cholera could now “settle” and become endemic.

27 Oct  Cholera Ravaging Rural Haiti: Will Outbreak Spread to Capital?

On Sunday, government officials had expressed optimism that the outbreak was under control.  Not so, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday, according to the Montreal Gazette.

27 Oct  Cholera in Haiti: Could we face the epidemic in a U.S. disaster?

In all likelihood, it can't happen here.

The potentially fatal cholera epidemic that's plaguing Haiti right now wouldn't set up shop in the U.S. because there are sewer systems and water purification systems in place, health experts say.

25 Oct Cholera in Haiti in Perspective (WebMD)

The appearance of cholera in Haiti is like the appearance of a lit match in a fireworks warehouse.  Fortunately, there hasn’t yet been an explosion.

25 Oct  Haiti says cholera deaths slow, now at 259 (Reuters)

Cholera is transmitted by contaminated water and food.

25 Oct Cholera in Haiti: This isn't bad luck, this is poverty (Boing Boing)

Right now, people are dying in Haiti not because we don't know how to save them, but because of a lack of access, both to clean water and to Oral Rehydration Therapy. In other words, they are dying not because of a disease, but because of poverty.

25 Oct  Quake threat looms over Haiti (Nature Collections)

The research, summarized in a package of papers in the November issue of Nature Geoscience , has two common conclusions: the Haitian earthquake was more complex than initially believed, and may not have fully released the tectonic strain that had accumulated in the region. If so, Haiti is at serious risk of similar devastation in the future.

Wikipedia Page

24 Oct Cholera Death Toll Rising In Haiti: Inside Port-Au-Prince's Tent Camps

I fear this will become a major disaster. Haitians have no natural immunity to cholera. The incubation period of up to five days lets seemingly healthy but actually infected people travel and spread the disease. This could involve the entire country. I'm praying for a miracle.

24 Oct  In Haiti, cholera could heighten earthquake misery

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — A cholera outbreak that already has left 250 people dead and more than 3,000 sickened is at the doorstep of an enormous potential breeding ground: the squalid camps in Port-au-Prince where 1.3 million earthquake survivors live. Health authorities and aid workers are scrambling to keep the tragedies from merging and the deaths from multiplying.

YouTube Video also from AP

Phi Beta Iota: We predicted this in the January 2010.  Neither the US nor any other nation has been responsible in dealing with this obvious catastropic event with equally catastrophic residuals.  The contrast between what it would cost to make Haiti right, and one week of elective wars, is sharp.

29 Sep Journal: US Blows Off Haiti, No One Seems to Care…

13 Jul Emergency response after the Haiti earthquake: Choices, obstacles and finance

3 Apr Haiti Biosurveillance: Dealing with & Preventing Malaria, Meningitis, TB, Diarrhea, Typhoid, and more

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12 Jan Reference: Intelligence-Led Peacekeeping

June 2010 – (new) The Haiti Oral History and Visual Archive from the United Nations

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