Votetocracy (vote on bills)

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Votetocracy is a place where every citizen can see every bill currently in congress, vote on those bills and send those votes to thier representatives. The site has been created by three regular citizens that felt it was time to get engaged with American politics. During our efforts to become more educated about our government we discovered that it was not all that easy. We found plenty of information. But it is written in difficult to understand political speak. We also found that it was not particularly easy to act on this information. When we found bills on government websites we had no measurable way to act on it. Sure, you could write a letter or contact our representatives, but had no real way of knowing that it would actually accomplish anything. These things felt like barriers. It was then that we dicided that there had to be a better way and Votetocracy is the the result of our efforts.

The site has the features neccesary for any citizen to find out what congress is working on. More importantly however is the ability to act on that information. We have created the site so that citizens can vote on the same bills as congress, send their vote to thier representatives with the click of the button.

We felt that there are three major areas that we could help citizens.

  1. Access to information
  2. Education about that information
  3. And to provide the ability to act on that information and measure the results

+ Public Markup
+ Whitehouse 2 (ended Dec. 2010)
+ Open Congress
+ Open Secrets
+ Sunlight Foundation
+ Sunlight Labs

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