Tom Atlee on Congress 2.0: Empower the Public

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Tom Atlee


by Tom Atlee

Why would you want to become one?  Here are four very enticing reasons:

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The alternative approach:

*  You might have to advocate policies that would be hard on yourself, your constituents or your supporters — even temporarily.  You might become unpopular.  You might get assassinated or your plane might develop unexplained engine trouble and crash.  You might even not get re-elected!

*  You would actually have to face reality, get the facts, learn about complicated stuff like how complex systems work.  (It’s really unfortunate, but most of our thorny problems are all tangled up with complex systems that are tangled up with other problems, too. Yuck!!)

*  You would have to listen to and work with people who see things differently from you.  After all, they may know something that’s important to take into consideration.  That could be really unpleasant and take you far afield from your party line, out in the political boonies where the real danger lies.

*  You just wouldn’t get the same adrenaline rush you get when you stick with oversimplifications, grandstanding, being loved by your supporters, and launching juicy attacks on your enemies.  There just aren’t as many ego-strokes or perks available for working with others to deeply understand things and come up with what makes sense for the long haul.

Co-Intelligence Institute’s Pledge for Politicians

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