1992-2012 CIA Still Does Not “Get” Open Source

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Spy Service Translates World's Papers at Secret Cost; Mr. Hounsell Has Few Buyers

Phi Beta Iota: Worth a full read (click on headline).  One word summary: “stagnant.”  Neither the DNI nor the CIA nor DoD nor anyone else is serious about Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), known as “Open Sores” within the secret and largely useless U.S. Intelligence Community, which provides, 4% “at best” according to General Tony Zinni, USMC (Ret) of what any senior commander needs, and nothing tailored to the needs of everyone else according to Robert Steele, OSINT proponent since 1988.  If Congress were not so busy steam-rolling pork through secret channels as the open ones dry up–if Congress had any integrity at all–it would be asking the fundamental question: if we spent $3 billion on a proper Open Source Agency, how much of the $70-90 billion secret fraud, waste, and abuse could we eliminate?  The answer?  50% in quick time, 75% over six years.  Meanwhile, the real world is now routing around the US Government.

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