Director of National Intelligence Self-Destructs…Again

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Dead on Arrival

Senator: Remarks about Libya ‘should be the final straw’ for Clapper (CNN)

Clapper lambastes Russia; wait, isn’t Joe Biden in Russia? (The Hill)

U.S. Intelligence Chief Says Qaddafi Has Edge in Conflict (NYT)

US should keep up Lebanon military aid: intel chief (AFP)

Losing Libya III (PajamasMedia)

Phi Beta Iota: We used to admire Jim Clapper, so much so that a member of our collective issued a press release in his defense when Donald Rumsfeld fired him for telling the truth.  General Clapper appears to have forgotten how to tell the truth, and he is not leading the US Intelligence Community, he is administering it with cronies assigned to administer the various agencies.   There is no longer intelligence at the top of the intelligence community.  It is time for a full-spectrum house cleaning, to include the conversion of the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, which is not needed, into the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Peace Operations, which IS needed.  Mike Vickers is not qualified for either position.

Media Spin: Clapper told the truth.  Reality: Clapper is out of touch with reality–he cannot even outline the ten high-level threats to humanity or explain why continued fragmentation of the US Government is the greatest threat to our near term as well as a long term stability and prosperity.  Russia and China are not military threats to the US but rather economic threats, and in the case of China, a demographic and scientific & technology threat.  The Old Guard is dead, may they rest in peace.  Sadly, there is no bench within the US Intelligence Community OR the contractor world.  We anticipate nothing beneficial for our $90 billion a year.

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