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… we reward incompetence and/or lying as described below in the essay by Robert Parry?

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Gates Agrees, Bush’s Wars Were Nuts

By Robert Parry, consortiumnews.com, February 27, 2011

When Defense Secretary Robert Gates told West Point cadets that you’d have to be crazy to commit U.S. troops to wars like those in Iraq and Afghanistan, media commentators quickly detected a slap at his predecessor, Donald Rumsfeld, who oversaw those conflicts.

But what about everyone else in the U.S. power structure who went along with those insane and bloody wars? Shouldn’t such people – whether they acted out of ideology or opportunism – be kept away from levers of authority that might get others killed?

For instance, what about the top editors at the Washington Post, the New York Times and a host of other establishment publications and TV outlets who hopped on the pro-war bandwagon and mocked anyone who suggested that negotiations or some less violent means might be preferable?    Read more….

Phi Beta Iota: Like most others, Dr. Gates finds his integrity late in life.  It was not just those who lied to the public who betrayed the public trust, but also  those like Dr. Gates who kept silent.  A handful of us tried to buy full page advertisements against  the wars, only to have them rejected by The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, etcetera.  This is what happens when the “elite” value their membership in the elite club more than they value their integrity.  Integrity matters most when you can still make a difference, not after the fact when you have reaped all you could from “going along.”  At this juncture in time, the simple best thing for America–apart from Electoral Reform–would be the resurrection of integrity among our senior officials.

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