What Google Needs to Do–Besides No Evil….

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Well worth the read….

I don't think this is so much about Google as it is about fostering innovation and good overall business practices, taken from the standpoint of a former Google employee.

There are many good nuggets in here — my favorite being the “NIH” (Not Invented Here) Syndrome and the like.

What Larry Page really needs to do to return Google to its startup roots

Posted on March 24, 2011 by slacy

I worked at Google from 2005-2010, and saw the company go through many changes, and a huge increase in staff.  Most importantly, I saw the company go from a place where engineers were seen as violent disruptors and innovators, to a place where doing things “The Google Way” was king, and where thinking outside the box was discouraged and even chastised.  So, here’s a quick list of things I think Larry could do to bring the startup feel back to Google:

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Phi Beta Iota: The post is not only credible, but the comments are spectacularly reinforcing.  It is also with sadness that we observe how quickly Google acquired all of the bad habits of its start-up funding partner and continuing co-conspirator in institutionalized ineptitude, the US secret intelligence community.  We continue to emphasize that Corruption–and Integrity–are about much more than individual honor or good intent–they are systemic.  Corrupt feedback–and losses of integrity in small things–are cumulative.

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