US Goverment 2011 Revenue, Costs, & Debt–Two Party Tyranny Lies Straight Up, Media Goes Along

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Seven Promises to America–Who Will Do This?

Let's start with the state of inequality in the USA today–the concentration of wealth would make Hitler proud.  The middle class is the Jews, the blue collar class is the working Poles (the ones allowed to live), and Congress is the appeaser and co-conspirator.  The White House is the SS for Hitler (Goldman Sachs and Wall Street).

Source of Graphic (Mother Jones)

For the US media to be consumed with a less than $100 million budget cut at a time when the US Government is borrowing, WITHOUT JUSTIFICATION and WITHOUT CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY, one third of its operating budget, over a trillion dollars a year, is grounds for the impeachment of the President, every Senator, and every Member of Congress.  This is a Demo-Publican Co-Conspiracy of insane criminality.

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The fraud inherent in the government shut-down “confrontation” and the craven collaboration of the mass media, particularly the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Bloomberg, and CNN, is breathtaking.  The lunacy continues.

To the left is a simple chart of where the federal, state, and local governments get their revenue.  The fact that one third of the federal revenue is DEBT is itself breathtaking, and grounds for impeaching every Senator and Representative now serving.  Source Online

Below is more interesting.  This is a pie-chart that shows the current (tiny) slice of revenue sources in relation to the total economy and the much, much larger “pie” that has been ignored by the US Government because the US Government at the political level is CORRUPT and so is the corporate media that refuses to do holistic accurate reporting on what is and what could be.

Below the Line: APT Tax and Real Military Budget

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The Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax would ELIMINATE personal income  taxes (the highest priority relief) as well as corporate, state, and local taxes.  Even the estate tax could be deleted, which should be good news for the 1% that have looted the Commonwealths of nations these past fifty years (the other 99% is back at early 1960's revenue and quality of life levels–all gains have been lost because of GRIFTOPIA).

There would be no tax returns, no lobbying for special interests, and no deductions or “loopholes.”  Source Online

Those running the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Business Week, and CNN, among others, are not stupid.  They do not lack for intelligence.  Hence, we must ask ourselves if they lack for integrity.  It would appear so.

PS:  With the possible exception of Dennis Kucinich, all of the “hopefuls” including the current President are so disingenious as to completely disqualify them from actually serving as a “leader” of the entire Republic.  Not a SINGLE ONE OF THEM is capable of putting two numbers together, both provided above:

1.  The percentage of the US federal budget that is criminally insane debt; and

2.  The percentage of active transaction income that  the governments forego for lack of integrity and their long-standing shaking down of special interests for political contributions [to be crystal clear here, it is NOT the lobbyists bribing the “members” it is the members shaking down the lobbyists.

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They probably know that the percentage of the total national budget taken up by the military–including obligations to retired and disabled service personnel–is closer to 50% but they probably cannot discuss in any intelligent fashion the following:

1.  What should the federal government NOT be doing that can be phased out quickly?

2.  What should the federal government be paying LESS for (e.g. Medicare, 1% of what we pay now)?

3.  What should the federal government be doing that it has not done before (e.g. Smart Nation)?

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