Bin Laden Show 57: Senators are Gullible, Journal is Dubious–the Bin Laden Show Poised to Displace All Reasonable Thinking for Next Year

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Senator James Inhofe

Osama bin Laden pictures leave no doubt he is dead, Senator claims

The pictures of Osama bin Laden are definitely him and leave no doubt the al-Qaeda leader is dead, according to a Republican Senator.

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Phi Beta Iota: We have mixed feelings.  There is a 20% possibility that Bin Laden was actually there and killed, and a 20% possibility that the journals and other recovered materials are real.  What we find troubling are two things: 1) the gullibility of Senators who are not forensic experts and have not had access of any sort to the actual body (unless he was captured but this is a stretch as well); and 2) the likelihood that the high-school gibberish in these journals, whether real or concocted, will over-shadow all reasonable thought in the next year.  This is THEATER.  Terrorism is a TRAFFIC ACCIDENT.  What is being done (and not done) in our name is a million times more important than this ridiculous abuse of US power for the wrong reasons.

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