Iran Played “Pivotal Role” in 9/11? Craven Idiocy

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Thomas E. Mellon, Jr.

First, the lawyer. Thomas E. Mellon Jr. from Doylestown, PA.  He is representing 17 families from Bucks Couny in a Class Action Suit against Iran, al-Qaida and other supporters of Sept. 11 attack.  He is an intimate of the US Department of Justice that is on record as claiming that it has the right to lie to the judiciary.  We smell a lie pie.

Second, the plaintiff. Fiona Havlish.  She was also the lead in the 2002 filing against Bin Laden et al, but in that case the current lawyer was second on a long list of firms that participated.  She was a prime force behind a class action lawsuit seeking $100 billion in compensation.  Her husband died in the South Tower, not in Pennsylvania.  The timing of this, post Bin Laden Show, is suspect.

Third, the defectors. Three of them  A proper investigation will surely find that they have been in close consultation with the Iranian Liberation nut-jobs that are being encouraged by State, DoD, and CIA to play with public perceptions.   There is no way these three can withstand scrutiny, and we hope that Iran chooses to confront these almost certain lies in some public manner.  Remember Chalabi & CURVEBALL?

Fourth, the 9/11 Commission. Political courtiers and staff twits incapable of actually investigating all of the information then available, to include the many suggested witnesses such as the general officer in charge of the national watch center who “excused” himself at 0800 and did not appear again until 1100.  These people are not stupid so we have to assume they were following orders, never noticing, for example, that Dick Cheney scheduled a national counter-terrorism exercise months ahead of 9/11 for “the day,” and conveniently put the only “field” command center on the piers of New York instead of using the WTC command center.

Fifth, Israel and the neo-cons. The “game plan” has been around for a long time, best exemplified in the published literature by Endgame–The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror and in direct testimony by the Wesley Clark interview (March 2007): “We plan to take out 7 countries in 5 years”.  There is absolutely no doubt in our mind that Israel is a key force behind this lawsuit and the slow but steady propaganda push  that accompanies it.

Sixth, the “expert witnesses.” A quick look at the list shows the usual suspects.  Kenneth Timmerman, for example.

Seventh, the testimony. “Foreknowledge” is not a “pivotal role.”  AT LEAST nine other countries including Pakistan and Israel had “foreknowledge” AND warned the US Government and we even seem to recall an Iranian warning to the US Government–but let's not let little details get in the way of what is clearly the segue to the Bin Laden Show.

Finally, the CIA and Leon Panetta. The idea that Al Qaeda needed or wanted any clean travel documents from Iran is spectacularly laughable–they had Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and perhaps even the CIA.  What we can be certain of is that Leon Panetta is just loving every minute of this tragic farce that surely includes impeachable acts by himself and others…it is merely a matter of time before they are exposed.

Suspicious Element: The Ayn Rand Foundation and the publication Atlas Shrugs have been too quick to accept this story as gospel.  They are known to have been in close contact with the nut-job side of the Iranian Liberation movement.

Impoverished footnote: CNN held “the story” until the slowest news day of the season, 28 May.

Phi Beta Iota: We are moderately certain the Pennsylvania aircraft was shot down or brought down by pre-implanted explosives, and that the crater was–as one military analysts told us–a bomb crater into which a truckload of loose parts had been dumped.  We are moderately certain 9/11 was “allowed to happen” and that Dick Cheney and Rudy Guliani, among others, were principals in a drama in which the US Government, in our name, allowed Larry Silverstein and the Bush family to murder 3,000 people in order to achieve the “Pearl Harbor” that Cheney, Brzezinsky and the other “star chamber” elites so desperately wanted.  9/11 certainly exceeds in scale the assassinations of JFK and MLK, but its provenance is the same: out of control elements of the US Government acting in consonance with out of control financial and industrial elements, none of whom give a rat's ass about justice, truth, the Constitution, or the public interest.

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