CIA Further Out of Control–New Persian “Base”

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Special attention to new basing structure.  MA

By KIMBERLY DOZIER, Associated Press – 5 days ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States is expanding its shadowy battle against militants in Yemen, including a planned new CIA base nearby in the Persian Gulf, in an attempt to stop a lethal branch of al-Qaida from capitalizing on the political turmoil in Yemen.

The White House has increased the numbers of CIA officers in Yemen, and has signed off on the new base from which to fly armed drones to hunt militants in Yemen, to be completed by next year.

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Phi Beta Iota: The time has come to close down much of the US Government.  CIA, USAF, and JSOG are completely out of control and spending tens of billions going after a “dirty dozen” fabricated “terrorists” who are nothing more than pissed-off locals objecting to virtual colonialism spawning corruption and predatory unilateral militarism.  No one–least of all Congress–is holding the Executive accountable for the idiocy of its so-called foreign and national security policy.  “Bandwidth is more expensive than pilots.”  A top expert said this in Canada this past week, and that one sentence buried the global remote control of UAVs–along with children pilots launching left-over munitions at people whose only visible activity is taking a dump in the fields–and.  What the USG should be worried about is its insolvency, lack of legitimacy at home and abroad, and complete lack of intelligence and integrity.  The lunacy continues….not just abroad, but at home as well.

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