Panera (bread) “cares cafes” pay what you can

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John Steiner

Ron Shaich Lets Panera Bread Customers Pay What They Can

Lucas Kavner

Huffington Post, 15 June 2011

Ron Shaich, the founder and chairman of Panera Bread, has sculpted his company into one of the most successful small restaurant chains in the country. He’s also done something no other chain has done before.

By creating a unique, pay-what-you-can model at three “Panera Cares” cafes around the country — and more are coming soon — he has proven an idea that seems revolutionary for a large corporation, but is actually very simple: trust people; they’ll often surprise you.

. . . . . . .

“It worked,” Ron said. “20 percent would leave more than the suggested donation, 60 percent would leave the suggested amount, and 20 percent would leave less.”

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